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Well over a year ago, we've learned that Telltale Games, the devs behind the recent Sam and Max games, have secured the rights to publish a "multi-year, multi-platform, multi-title" series of games based on comic series The Walking Dead. The video game series has already hit the market and has been doing rather well...
And another one bites the dust. Activision has shut down development studio Radical Entertainment, best known for its Prototype games. Here's an explanation from the publisher (via Kotaku): "Although we made a substantial investment in the Prototype IP, it did not find a broad commercial audience...
Check it out, folks. Activision unveils its next venture into the shooter realm - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2: VIDEO: codblackops2reveal.flv The game is in development over at Treyarch and will be released on November 13 this year for Xbox 360, PC and PS3.
Following recent reports, the announcement for Activision's shooter sequel, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, is almost here. No info or media has been released just yet, although the official web site has gone live, so you can check it out if you wish...
Activision sends word that they are going to deliver a brand new Bond game called 007 Legends. They describe the title as "a first-of-its-kind Bond video game," which features "an original, overarching storyline tying together six classic Bond movies, concluding with this year's highly-anticipated 23rd installment - Skyfall...
Activision is rather happy it seems. Well, it seems that their new Call of Duty game is selling like hot cakes once more so they have every fucking reason to be happy. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has broke the theatrical box office, book and video game sales records for 5-day worldwide sales...
Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg just confirmed that Modern Warfare 3 "drove the largest day one shipments in our history and in the industry's history." Also, "pre-orders for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 outpaced pre-orders for Call of Duty: Black Ops by a wide margin, setting a new industry record in making it the most pre-ordered game of all time" (thanks PCG)...
Modern Warfare 3, the latest installment in Activision's ever-popular shooter series Call of Duty, has received waves of positive reviews. While the game's score on Metacritic has reached an impressive 90, the user reviews score is currently 2...
Activision release a video for the soon-to-be-launched action adventure Spider-Man: Edge of Time, showing off the game's combat: VIDEO: SpiderManeotCombattr.flv
As ridiculous as that headline sounds, you're gonna have to see it with your own eyes to believe it. Make sure you keep a close watch at 01:00 (a familiar face appears): Yes, that was Bobby Kotick. It might be a minor role or rather a cameo, but it looks like he managed to find himself in it. Wonder why? Oh and looks like Brad's asking him for money in this particular scene (that's bound to go well). Source: Kotaku via CVG
Activision releases a first round of screenshots from the new X-Men game, entitled X-Men: Destiny. Check 'em out: click to view full gallery click to view full gallery X-Men: Destiny "casts players as new mutant recruits in a rich...
Guitar Hero was the next big thing, and then suddenly nobody gave a shit, and the entire product line was shelved. It probably didn't help that the guitarists who wrote the songs featured on Guitar Hero could not play their own work on Easy, but pressing buttons in time to a screen isn't music...
Activision and Marvel announced Spider-Man: Edge of Time and have simply described it as Spider-Man facing one of his greatest challenges ever - saving Spider-Man. Oh blimey! That sounds rather serious. Anyways, Beenox are developing the game and you can expect in stores this fall...
Some people (Electronic Arts and Activision) are both suggesting that NPD retail data may be borked because it fails to take into account sales made through digital distribution. Here's a neat quote summing up EA's position on the matter: "Using NPD data for video game sales is like measuring music sales and ignoring something called iTunes...
During a panel session at the Game Developers Conference 2011 Bungie lead network engineer David Aldridge officially confirmed that the well-known developer is indeed working on a "massively multiplayer action game," which coincides with all those rumors (yep, everyone's been whispering about this for quite a while actually)...
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