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I just talked to a person who used to live in Australia for 11 years and why she returned to Serbia, making one of the biggest mistakes of her life probably. Well, her parents made the mistake actually, because she was too young to make such important decisions...
Not the first time something like this has happened Down Under, and it most likely won't be the last. It's been officially confirmed that Australia's Classification Board refused to rate Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, which basically means the sequel is banned from release in that territory...
Those crazy Aussies are at it again. This time around, the good-old ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) is suing the Valve Software over the development studio's Steam refund policy. ACCC alleged that the refund policy on Steam indicates the following: Consumers were not entitled to a refund for any games sold by Valve via Steam in any circumstances...
You might remember that in June 2012, Australia finally got its R18+ rating for video games and now Ninja Gaiden: Razor's Edge (Wii U). has been hailed as the very first title in the country to have that particular rating. "It's great to finally see Australian adults...
Last year, the Australian God's of censorship finally caved in and the region was blessed with its R18+ rating for video games. Now, the country just passed the new bill, which ends the controversial ban on 18-rated games. Australia's video game classification ratings are now in the same boat as films and TV shows...
Gamers in Australia might have more reason to be pissed off now, if they were looking forward to Starbreeze Studios' forthcoming FPS Syndicate that is. We've just received word that the game was refused classification in the region and has effectively been banned...
Right, remember that brilliant moment for Australian gaming history when the country finally got the R18+ rating for video games? Well, the final guidelines for the R18+ have just been uncovered via the folks at GameSpot, who spoke on the subject with Australia's Federal Minister for Home Affairs Brendan O'Connor...
After launching the hugely successful action adventure LA Noire, Australia-based development studio Team Bondi had gone through a rough period to say the least. Following reports of employee mistreatment, the company plunged into financial problems...
Team Bondi and Rockstar achieved quite a lot with the excellent action adventure L.A. Noire. The game received praise from critics and the public alike, and it earned quite a bit of money for Rockstar and Take-Two, of course. However, Team Bondi endured a somewhat turbulent period after launching L...
The unthinkable seems to have happened. Australia, land of the kangaroos, surfing and the Akubra hat, has finally got the R18+ rating for video games, which is the equivalent for ESRB's 'M' Mature and the 'PEGI 18' ratings in US and UK. The green light for the rating ...
Predictable news to say the least. It looks as though CD Projekt RED's single-player RPG The Wticher 2: Assassins of Kings is facing some slight alteration due to the from the Australian Classification Board. The developers of the role-playing game are going to have to edit some of the game's content in order to appease the board...
Australia has adopted an attitude toward new media with a puritanical slant Oliver Cromwell would be proud of. Between proposing a blacklist of websites, and ruling games released literally everywhere else on the god damn planet as completely unacceptable filth...
Last week's news, I'm afraid, but thought I'd mention it nonetheless. The Australian Classifications Board refused classification for the new Mortal Kombat game. Check out WBIE's issued this statement: The highly anticipated video game Mortal Kombat, published by Warner Bros...
Australia's OFLC (Office of Film and Literature Classification) has reportedly rated "Project Red" for publisher Electronic Arts, classifying it with an MA 15+ label. The folks at Joystiq think the classification could be related to "Project RedLime" and it mostly likely refers to the new Syndicate game, which is supposedly in development in at Starbreeze Studios...
Early this month Sega's forthcoming action game Aliens vs Predator has been refused classification by the Classification Operations Board of Australia. Sega Australia's general manager, Darren Macbeth, tells Kotaku "It is with great pleasure that we announce the success of our appeal...

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