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Everybody is canceling games today! DICE is canceling two games. Can you guess what franchise the games were part of? Can you guess what franchise DICE will be working on instead? If you said "Battlefield", then you're correct. Battlefield 1943 and Bad Company 2: Onslaught have both been canceled for the PC...
Dunno, anybody still playing this one? Anyway, there's a post over at EA Forums from DICE community manager Daniel 'zh1nt0' Matros that reveal the devs' intentions for some imminent changes for the PC version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2...
Battlefield: Bad Company 2, DICE's recently released shooter, will be getting an 'Onslaught' mode that can be enjoyed with to 4 players across four multiplayer maps ' Valparaiso, Atacama Desert, Isla Inocentes, and Nelson Bay. According to EA, the mode features "new lighting, time of day, added vehicles and other effects...
Recently, DICE has released a fresh patch for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The update offers numerous fixes for bugs and tweaks. They've revealed a huge list of changes: Increased the base range of all Automatic and Semiautomatic weapons for more consistent close range combat...
ATI releases new drivers -- Catalyst 10.4 -- fixing the lengthy level load times which were known to occur in the PC edition of DICE's Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Here's the official word from ATI: The ATI Catalyst 10.4 Preview provides resolution for the following issue: Long load times for new maps in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 when using an ATI Radeon HD 5xxx series graphics card Read our review of Bad Company PC.
DICE patches the PC version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, offering a lot of bug-fixes including UI improvements. The patch for the Steam edition of the popular shooter is in the works due to additional testing. Multiplayer servers were not patched so Steam users can continue to play with non-Steam users (even if they don't have the latest client)...
One of our favorite shooter series continues. But did DICE deliver on their promises? Here's a snip from the article: Given my superior sniper skills (oh yes), I'd take out as much of those targets as I possibly could and then I'd join the rest of the squad down where the action is...
Word around the nerd camp is that due to huge traffic over the weekend, the Bad Company 2 servers encountered outages. EA says that the team is working hard to fix the problem. Here's an overview of the current server status: More Info: X360 was severely impacted, and the service is being restarted...
As we've reported earlier today, players have been experiencing serious issues when playing BF: Bad Company 2 due to server outages. EA says things should be up and running again and that the servers will go offline overnight for maintenance, according to Battlefield Blog...
According to the latest online distribution PC sales charts, gamers are pretty eager about DICE's Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Check it out: Steam: 1. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Limited Edition 2. Supreme Commander 2 3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 4...
DICE and EA announced that the demo for the upcoming shooter Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was downloaded for consoles 2 million times, and half a million on PC. They proudly claim that "Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is on pace to become the fastest downloaded demo in EA history...
EA is boasting all over the place that the console demo for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 achieved over 2 million downloads. To accompany the news we have a batch of cool-looking in-game snaps. Some of these screenshots are new, some are older. Still worth a peek: click to view full gallery click to view full gallery
There's a post over on the Battlefield Blog, explaining how SecuROM will in DICE's upcoming shooter Battlefield: Bad Company 2. SecuROM in general The version which we use is a wrapper around the main game executable. It does everything it can by running as a "normal" program; it does not install any sort of kernel software...
In a rather unexpected move, EA launches a multiplayer demo for the Xbox 360 edition of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The first wave of impressions of gamers is that the game kicks ass. Mind you, the MP demo is currently for Gold subscribers only (oh for God's sake!): ...

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