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According to publisher Take-Two Interactive, the BioShock franchise has done pretty well and they have described it as one of their most important franchises. After BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite, I must admit it's still one of the best first-person shooters out there...
When you pour dozens and dozens of hours into a video game, you always hope that the payoff in the end is worth it, whether it's an epic boss battle, an epic conclusion to the story, or both. Some games sadly don't live up to the expectation, hype, whatever you want to call it...
BioShock Infinite dev team members have kickstarted a promising little game called The Flame of the Flood. To be a bit more specific, Art Director of BioShock and a group of veterans of the BioShock, Halo, Guitar Hero and Rock Band series are all involved with the project...
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Looks like 2K Games is teasing everyone with an image they posted via Twitter. The image also has a caption: "Oooo what COULD this mean?!" While inquiries were made as to what all this cryptic shit means, the publisher has refused to say anything further on the matter...
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Ken Levine may have closed down Irrational Games, but it doesn't mean that 2K is ready to let go of the BioShock franchise. A 2K representative gave the following statement to Game Informer: BioShock is one of our most beloved and critically acclaimed franchises...
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When Ken Levine announced he was closing down Irrational Games for a smaller enterprise, it seems that BioShock Vita has been shut down as well. Levine originally announced a handheld BioShock game at Sony's E3 press conference in 2011. In 2012...
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A BioShock movie is no longer in the works, but the concept art from Gore Verbinski's vision has popped up to give us all a glimpse into what it might have looked like. The art is courtesy of Hollywood illustrator Jim Martin, and from the samples, he's done an amazing job capturing Ratpure's decay. You can check out his entire portfolio for the concept art here.
EDIT: Ken Levine has denied the claim that BioShock: Infinite had a $100 million development budget. If we find more details on the matter, we'll address them ASAP. Irrational Games is betting the big bucks on BioShock: Infinite. According to analysts cited by NY Times...
Irrational Games decided to take a bit more time with their next shooter, BioShock Infinite. Creative Director Ken Levine said: "When we announced the release date of BioShock Infinite in March, we felt pretty good about the timing. Since then, we've uncovered opportunities to make Infinite into something even more extraordinary...
2K Games announced that BioShock Infinite is going to hit stores in the US on October 16, 2012 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC. The international release is set to come out on October 19, 2012. "After BioShock, we had a vision for a follow up that dwarfed the original in scope and ambition...
If you'll recall, the first BioShock game was powered by on Unreal Engine 2.5. As for the latest BioShock game, BioShock Infinite, it's going to run on Unreal Engine 3, with the developers promising some serious tweaks (thanks Joystiq). Here are some details on the engine changes...
According to a thread over at the 2K Forums, plans to deliver the Minerva's Den DLC and the Protector Trials pack to the PC version of the shooter BioShock 2 were scrapped. Word from the devs is as follows: "We will also not be offering Protector Trials and Minerva's Den on...
So, I was pleasantly surprised by yesterday's announcement for BioShock Infinite and I'm double-glad Ken Levine and his crew at Irrational Games are behind the project - check out the screenshots here and the debut trailer here. What's more, the radical change of scenery looks like a step in the right direction...
2K Games announced today that BioShock Infinite, a first-person shooter is now in development at Irrational Games, the creators of the original BioShock. The game is set in 1912 and introduces a completely new story, taking players out of the underwater environments of Rapture straight into Columbia - a huge city in the sky...
28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is in talks to direct the Bioshock movie, the Universal Pictures adaptation of the well-known underwater game. "With Bioshock, Fresnadillo is stepping into one of the highest-profile projects on the Universal roster...

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