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The trailer, which we've posted a few days ago, is also available on YouTube and that's where currently fans are swarming in hundreds of thousands, trying to express their hate (as most Internet dwellers do these days) about the whole game being set so far in the future...
It would appear that Infinity Ward is heeding the device offered by many, which is that the wisest course for the series at the moment might be to introduce some changes. EG spotted info about, which surfaced after a report from serial industry source Shinobi...
Man, I thought I almost exhausted my Fallout-related comic ideas, but as it turns out, there's still good stuff to be made out of that particular universe... ya know, comic-wise. Anyway, back to writing the comic and then back to Black Ops 3, which I've played for two hours yesterday, and then next time I fired up the game I found out it did not save my campaign progress for some reason. So, now I have to play from the beginning. Gee, thanks for that Treyarch. 
Here's a bit of news for ya while you're watching the debut Warcraft trailer. Activision Blizzard, better known by some as Blactivision, has officially launched a film and television studio, called Activision Blizzard Studios (aawww... not Actilizzard Studios...
Call of Duty lead designer Todd Alderman was part of Infinity Ward when the studio fell into chaos. He was part of the employee group that sued Activision in 2010, and then he joined Jason West and Vince Zampella at Respawn after Activision fired him...
Never thought I'd be this much into Borderlands again. The whole formula in The Pre-Sequel is exactly the same as in Borderlands 2 with the addition of all the low-gravity O2 insanity and jet-pack jumping. It's a bit confusing in the beginning, but it won't take you too long to get the hang of it and that's when things get really interesting and fun...
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Kevin Spacey is really badass in the trailer for the new CoD game. But, I just kept repeating one name, over and over again...  AT COMIC: Call Of A Titan
You've probably seen yesterday's story about a new CoD game, well, now it's official. Everyone's saying this is leaked, although I cannot see how it's leaked if the official Cod YT channel has it online. Still, here is the trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, featuring the voice and CGI appearance of big-screen legend Kevin Spacey: VIDEO: 923287.mp4 They also uncovered Novermber 4, 2014 as the release date for the shooter.
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May 4th is typically Star Wars Day, but this year, Activision wants it to be a day of Call of Duty. They plan to reveal their next "era" of the series on May 4th, and they've teased a little bit in the video below: Of course there was going to be a new Call of Duty this year, just like there's going to be a new Assassin's Creed (maybe 2) this year...
As if this world wasn't crazy enough, we get more idiots roaming the planet and doing this sort of thing. An enraged gamer has done a rather moronic thing, having lost in a match in the popular multiplayer shooter Call of Duty. Bitter in defeat, the player made a prank phone call, which caused the SWAT team to burst into the home of the opposing player, Castillo...
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Infinity Ward doesn't really think that those who play Call of Duty the most are really gamers since they often don't play any other games. In an interview with OXM, executive producer Mark Rubin said he didn't think that next-gen consoles would affect most of Call of Duty's audience because they aren't hardcore gamers...
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In case you missed the news, Activision offers a brand new Call of Duty game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, which launched yesterday and can be grabbed via App Store: VIDEO: 785119.mp4 Call of Duty on an iPhone. You have to love the world we live in.
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Check out two extended E3 2013 gameplay trailers for the ucpoming shooter Call of Duty: Ghosts. Here's the 'No Man's Land' gameplay trailer: VIDEO: 741415.mp4 Also, you can have a look at the E3 2013 'Into the Deep' gameplay trailer: VIDEO: 741413.mp4
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Corresponding the recent news regarding a new CoD game, we'd like to know if you guys are honestly looking forward to seeing this new game in action. Or if you're just pissed off at Activision and Infinity Ward (whoever the hell is left there) for not having the brass to come up with a new idea or a new IP...
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Activision has officially confirmed their "next generation of Call of Duty," which is going to be developed by Infinity Ward, the studio (not the key people though) responsible for the original CoD and the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series...

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