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The last time I took Time Magazine seriously was when I was still getting allergy shots. Getting punctured twice a week for several years was a formative experience in my life. It taught me that I am a sack of fluid with eyeballs. More to the point, this wouldn't be news if not for...
We haven't reviewed it, and I haven't played the game. I've been waiting since 7th grade, so I can wait a little longer, like until when the price comes down. With I-don't-want-to-bother-calculating-how-much time gone by since the announcement until the release, there is no way that two things wouldn't happen...
If you're looking forward to playing Super Street Fighter IV Arcade on the PC, be prepared to be online all the time. Without a constant internet connection and a Games for Windows account, out of the 39 available characters (all unlocked from the start), you will only have access to 15, and other limited features...
Strangely, virtual currencies have a real world value, sometimes more than actual real world currencies. In an effort to cash in on this, some people farm and sell virtual gold. The effect this has on in-game economies can be devastating and the spam used to sell the gold can be infuriating, but the phenomenon doesn't seem to be going away...
The Xbox 360 is an aging device, and what older units have been lucky enough to not be destroyed by the red ring of death and angry girlfriends are now being destroyed by a firmware update that causes an error that makes older devices unable to play games...
Terms of Service agreements (TOS) should be fair and equitable to both parties, but sadly this isn't often the case. Since users don't often get to even see the TOS before throwing their money down, this is an especially insidious practice. The 3DS takes this to a whole new level, and as a result, people are attempting to protest...
Typically before E3, you have to make a bunch of appointments, and if you cover E3, you run from one end of the L.A. Convention Center to the other as fast as you can, having short meetings, and then writing about them as quickly as possible. Usually there's a lot of cocaine everywhere...
I'm sure some people will bitch about some of the information given and opinions stated, but Gabe Newell gave one hell of an interview to Develop recently. I have to mention the people bitching to show why this is a controversy, otherwise those who cannot be bothered to read will bitch about why I called it a controversy...
Assassin's Creed is the best selling title that Ubisoft has at the moment, and new Assassin's Creed titles are being released every year. This model of business and development has resulted in a lot of money being made, and so perhaps the same will become of Prince of Persia, Far Cry, Driver, Call of Juarez, Just Dance, and the Tom Clancy titles, Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, and Rainbow Six...
Irony makes me horny. Blizzard has donated 50% of all proceeds from the special Moonkin Hatchling pet for World of Warcraft, which was available last November and December. Half of what was made comes out to $800,000, and that was what Blizzard donated. In addition, two boys got to meet the WoW development team and see how content for the game is made. It almost makes me want to tear up, but crying is for pussies, no matter how drunk you are. Read more.
Sony already has a class action lawsuit against it in the United States, and now there is one in Canada too. The one in Canada comes with a price tag, which is nice, of a $1 billion dollars, but in Canadian money, which is somewhere around what American dollars are worth (I am too lazy to look up actual exchange rates, but Canadian dollars are not Monopoly money)...
It just gets worse and worse for Sony. Now Sony Online Entertainment, the service behind Everquest, Planetside, Star Wars Galaxies and the like (the like being games released within the last five years, I hope) has now been taken offline and the account information has been compromised...
When this whole mess is finally and completely resolved, I will be very sad. This has been the best news fodder to hit the video games industry since the Hot Coffee incident. Let's get into the latest news: The Department of Homeland Security has dispatched their very own US Computer Emergency Readiness Team to work on the case...
This is getting ridiculous. Sony's being sued, is losing an absurd amount of money, and has sent out the following e-mail to people who use the PlayStation Network service, presented here in part: Although we are still investigating the details of this incident...
Someone in Valve let slip that the company probably will abandon "isolated" single player experiences. This is coming from Geoff Keighley, who made this statement after a conversation with Gabe Newell. Valve released decided internally to no longer offer "isolated" single player experiences, but what this actually means nobody really knows, which is pretty cool...

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