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Creative Assembly has made a major presence on PAX this year and have showcased their latest strategy, Total War Rome 2 (just like them to confuse us with the title by rearranging the words). Anyway, the game itself looks pretty damn good: VIDEO: 783003...
At GDC, Creative Assembly announced an upcoming MOBA title, Total War: Arena, that will be free-to-play. Series lead designer James Russell explained that the game will feature 10 v. 10 battles, with each player controlling three units in battle. Players can earn items in-game as well as purchase them...
Sega and the makers of the Total War strategy series, Creative Assembly, have announced a multi-title licensing agreement deal with Games Workshop to produce games set in the fantasy-themed Warhammer universe. "With this year being our 25th anniversary...
Engage in epic, close quarters combat, fending off armies of foes in Viking: Battle for Asgard, which is already available for PC (as we've reported last week). "Working with the team at CA was an exciting opportunity for Hardlight. A high quality benchmark had already...
Creative Assembly, best known for its Total War RTS series, also developed a 3rd-person action game for consoles back in 2008, called Viking: Battle for Asgard - check out our review. It seems that Sega's Hardlight Studio will be porting the game, and they confirmed it via Twitter...
Yes, the rumors were true. Sega sent over a press release, announcing a brand new PC strategy, Total War: Rome 2. Check out the first images from the game here. Here's the official scoop: Encompassing one of the best-known periods in world history...
Exactly one year ago we've received the info that the well-known developer, Creative Assembly, started working on a new Alien game. Gearbox Software is, as you probably know, working on Aliens: Colonial Marines, which is slated for a Fall 2012 release...
In addition to the recently mentioned Alien game that's in development at Creative Assembly, the well-known studio confirmed that they are also working on a new Total War title. "Yep," confirmed IP godfather Mike Simpson when asked whether another Total War game was under way...
New Alien game? Oh you have to be... Never mind. Anyway, Sega officially confirmed that Creative Assembly, the dudes responsible for the Total War strategy series, are currently involved with a new game Alien game, which they are beefing up for a full triple-A style release (oh lovely, things don't get more original than that)...
Last month Creative Assembly and Sega officially confirmed that Shogun 2: Total War is in development for PC. New screenshots from the ucpoming strategy game have been released, so you might wanna have a peek: click to view full gallery ...
After the leaked fact sheet for Shogun 2 hit the Internet, Creative Assembly and Sega made an official announcement for the new installment in the strategy series. As Creative Assembly points out, "Shogun 2: Total War will take long-time veterans and newcomers alike to the next level of strategy gaming on PC...
Apparently, the fact sheet for Shogun 2: Total War -- supposedly Creative Assembly's new game -- got leaked recently. Word has it that the game is due out 2011. Here are the key features: Total War Redefined: Shogun 2 is the ultimate refinement of the original formula with a new, cutting-edge AI, more polish and online functionality than ever before...
Creative Assembly returns with yet another addition to its ever-growing library of Total War strategy games. The series' trademark epic battles make a successful return. A word of caution though, it's not all perfect. As always, there are many factions on offer...
It's just been revealed that gamers can pre-purchases the Elite Units of the East DLC for Empire: Total War, Creative Assembly's strategy game. Pre-purchasing gives you a 10% discount before the pack is released on Monday. As announced on Steam News...
SEGA Europe Creative Assembly announce the Warpath DLC campaign for the strategy Empire: Total War. The DLC is going to be available exclusively through Steam in October 2009. "The Warpath Campaign adds a new detailed North American campaign map to expand the Empire: Total War experience...
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