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From Software and Namco Bandai are making an effort to promote the Dark Souls Facebook page to encourage the creation of the PC edition of the highly acknowledged console RPG. The game received praise from users and critics alike, in addition to selling over 15 million copies worldwide...
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We don't usually post trailers for games that have already launched, but I this one's worth it. It's just a reminder to those of you who still haven't tried it yet. VIDEO: DarkSouls_Character_US_720p.flv Read our review of Dark Souls here.
Today developer From Software and publisher Namco Bandai revealed that the international shipments for the RPG Dark Souls surpassed the 1.5 million mark. Here are the sales numbers, as divided according to region: Japan: Released on 9/22...
Ruthless, relentless and unfair... but we don't care. You don't inherently know how to play Dark Souls. You essentially learn how to survive and that takes a lot of time and practice. Most of the time you'll experience pure, honest-to-God frustration; the kind you'd experience in a lousy marriage or when the government raises taxes...
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Without a shadow of doubt, Dark Souls has cast the worst type of WoW-style addiction spell upon my delicious, purple gaming ass. I'm trying to break free, but it has such a strong hold over me. Therefore, feel free to shout and curse at me right now... The review's gonna be up tomorrow, people. Sorry it's taking so damn long. It's Vince's fault. It's 2lions' fault. It's my wife's fault. The entire world is to blame!
Soul farming... soul farming... soul farming... Soul? Farming? Ah, soul farming, yes. Definitely soul farming. Anybody, up for some soul farming? I take souls and I farm them. Need them I do... Very much. Coo-coo.
Well, one thing lead to another, you understand... AT COMIC: The Path of Dark Souls
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Death is very, very important. And you know what, you better be prepared for it, because death's gonna smile at you often in Dark Souls: VIDEO: Dark_Soulshardctr.flv
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From Software's Dark Souls features some pretty cool combat and boss battles, of course. However, this trailer is a bit weird to me... Is it weird to you guys? I dunno. Maybe it's the stupid song. VIDEO: DarkSouls_AllSaintsDay.flv
The spiritual successor (I have to stop calling it that) to the PS3-only RPG Demon's Souls has just got an official release date. Namco confirmed that the game is slated to arrive on Oct. 4 in the US and Oct. 7 in Europe. Here's more info on Dark Souls: With tense dungeon crawling and fearsome enemy encounters...
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FromSoftware's RPG Dark Souls is on its way to PS3 and (unlike the game's predecessor Demon's Souls) to Xbox 360 consoles. Check out the latest batch of screenshots below: click to view full gallery click to view full gallery Not bad at all...
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Demon's Souls, apart from having the silliest name ever, ended up being one of the most popular titles for the PS3. The game's steep learning curve didn't put people off. Well, I expect they enjoyed a game that provides a proper challenge, as opposed to a majority of titles...
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Dark Souls, the spiritual successor to the PS3-only Demon's Souls, was announced by Namco early this year. However, the cool thing is that development studio From Software said that the game is also going to make its way to Microsoft's Xbox 360, in addition to the PS3...
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Namco Bandai Games and FromSoftware are working on an RPG called Dark Souls (the name is a progress over Demon's Souls, I must say). The game is in development for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms and is gonna hit stores later this year. Oh and the developers also explained that Dark Souls is the spiritual successor and not a direct sequel to Demon's Souls...
The spiritual successor to Demon's Souls is, rather obviously, the spiritual successor to Demon's Souls and not a sequel to Demon's Souls. That's something the developer are keen to point out. They are, in fact, stressing that it's a completely new game and that precious little ties it to the previous game...

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