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Your week just freed up. Destiny was supposed to host their Iron Banner tournament today, which would undoubtedly segue into the next expansion for Rise of Iron, but it's been postponed. All of those matchmaking issues from Trials of Osiris have carried over, and so Bungie has decided to pull the plug on a new tournament until these issues are fixed...
The next Destiny expansion pack looks like this.  Bungie and Activision confirm Destiny: Rise of Iron, the next new chapter that's going to be added to the console shooter. According to Bungie, this expansion pack takes playes "back to where their journey was...
Would Rise of Irony be a better name? It's been rumored for awhile that the next expansion for Destiny would be Rise of Iron, and today Bungie and Activision have made that official. Rise of Iron will release for the new generation of consoles only this September, and it will require purchases of both Destiny vanilla and The Taken King...
Alrighty, folks. Good morning. Happy Mondays and all that. Today, I'd like to ask you one simple question. What is the very first game that got you into the multiplayer genre (MMOG, MOBA, competitive FPS, etc.)? Here are my answers: Counter-Strike (2000) - got me into multiplayer shooters. Destiny - (2014) - got me into the MMO genre; shut up, it is an MMO, even Bungie said so.
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Destiny players recently found a glitch that magically provides unlimited amounts of heavy-weapon ammo, even in the Crucible. Bungie is aware of this bug, and while they're working on a fix, they've opted to cancel the Trials of Osiris event for this weekend and the Iron Banner event is on hold...
Last night on Reddit, someone leaked a poster for Destiny's next expansion, reportedly called Rise of Iron that is set to release in September. According to sources from Kotaku, the expansion should be officially revealed at E3.  One of the sources has claimed that this...
This morning I have two questions for ya: What is the longest you had to grind in an RPG (or any game) ever? What is the toughest RPG you've ever played? My answers: Destiny: The Taken King (if I ever played WoW, I'm assuming my answer would be Wow). Icewind Dale II.
Bungie reminds players that they're releasing the Destiny April update today (remember, you have to own The Taken King, in order to install the update).  VIDEO: 1621815.mp4 Um, I honestly don't know what to say about all this. They're giving players options to further customize their guardians with glowing armor thingies...
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Destiny is getting a significant update next week that includes a new maximum light level, new gear, new missions, and a new Challenge of the Elders mode. The PlayStation console will receive its own set of exclusive weapons and gear, which will be available for both the PlayStation 3 and 4...
Bungie still being pretty vague on their plans for Destiny's future, however they are inviting you to tune in tomorrow, Wednesday March 30 at 19:00 GMT to Bungie’s Twitch stream as Art Lead, Keith Bachman and Designer, Brent Woodrow, as they chat about the earnable gear in the second of three April Update livestreams. Just to remind you, once again, the Destiny update 2.2.0 is going to be live on April 12, 2016 .
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We are concerned about what awaits, but Bungie seems to be providing very little info at this time. However, what about Destiny 2? We are really curious where they are going with that one. ... it appears that both Activision and Bungie made some questionable decisions in the creative department...
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Quick word from the folks at Bungie for gamers in the UK. The Destiny Update 2.2.0 is going to deploy on April 12, 2016 in the Destiny universe (um, so, yeah, that's in the Destiny universe... not... in this one?). Ryan Paradis, Lead Designer at Bungie, and Tim Williams (Senior Designer) mentioned new PvE features in the first of three April Update livestreams...
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Figthing the fight, and writing the write and... I sure hope they give us something interesting. AT COMIC: Destiny: Fighting the Fight
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After many moons of silence, Bungie finally sends word about a brand new content update for their multiplayer shooter, Destiny. They've published the news and info along with this snazzy image, which shows Guardians that look like the Taken (!). Nice twist...
We've had several Mass Effect-themed debates on AT (this discussion was petty interesting too), but lately we're getting more and more curious as to where BioWare might be going with the next installment in their popular sci-fi franchise. Today we've learned that Mass Effect: Andromeda lead writer Chris Schlerf left BioWare after working for 5 months there...

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