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We are really looking forward to the E3 festivities this year, particularly because we got invited to more events. Recently, Bethesda Softworks confirmed they are going have their first-ever E3 press conference, which means they'll be joining other major studios -- Sony, Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft -- that have their own conferences during the E3 Press Day...
Filed under: BETHESDA, E3
Every year at E3, we can expect at least four major press conferences: Sony, Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft. Nintendo used to be in there, but they've skipped the last two years for smaller, more private press conferences and world-wide streaming Nintendo Direct presentations...
Filed under: COMIC, E3
Welcome to the AT E3 booth (if we had one).  AT COMIC: The Niche Corner
Filed under: TWITCH, E3, E3 2014
E3 has always had great TV coverage thanks to G4 TV, but when that went under, Spike picked up the slack. I suppose it wasn't enough to satiate gamers' needs, so E3 has partnered with everyone's favorite streaming app, Twitch, to bring viewers nonstop content all day each day during the show, including the press conferences the day before...
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Confidence helps you solve problems; it gives you strength in a way. But being overconfident turns you into a douche. There's a fine line between self-confidence and douchebaggery, and a lot of douchebags have cunningly disguised themselves so that it's difficult to spot their douchiness...
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Can't attend Sony's PlayStation E3 media briefing in person? No reason why you can't enjoy the same movie theatre experience as everyone else at the show! You can attend a local movie theatre and watch the press conference! The PlayStation press conference will take place on June 9th at 5:30 PST and will be hosted by Geoff Keighley...
Filed under: THE WITCHER 3, WATCH DOGS, E3
The results of our Best Game of the E3 2013 voting poll are just in and it appears that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt's latest addition to the RPG series, won by a small margin over Ubisoft's Watch Dogs. Most of you should know me by now...
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Filed under: E3, THE DIVISION
So, did I understand this right: a lot of you were impressed by the E3 demo for Tom Clancy's The Division, correct? Well, if so, just to make things straight the game is in development for PlayStatio 4 and Xbox One - so that's a 'NO' on the PC front, I'm afraid. Still, it does look like it could be a good one. 
The 3DS successor to the popular Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past now has a release month, and it's thankfully this year. Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds will release this November (2013) in the US. For Europe, it's still a vague "by the end of the year." Between this game and the Wind Waker HD remake, Zelda fans should have plenty to keep them happy for a little while.
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My E3 2013 summary: - PS4 > Xbox One - Mirror's Edge 2 announcement - Fez 2 announcement - Metal Gear Solid 5 gameplay - The Evil Within gameplay - Titanfall gameplay - Beyond: Two Souls gameplay - Watch Dogs gameplay - Star Wars: Battlefront announcement
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Hrere's the latest round of E3 2013 screens for you guys: South Park: The Stick of Truth The Order: 1886 NASCAR: The Game Mirror's Edge 2 (I know, I know... I'm re-posting this) Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection   Assassin's Creed 4 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Dynasty Wariors 8
Filed under: E3, CALL OF DUTY
Check out two extended E3 2013 gameplay trailers for the ucpoming shooter Call of Duty: Ghosts. Here's the 'No Man's Land' gameplay trailer: VIDEO: 741415.mp4 Also, you can have a look at the E3 2013 'Into the Deep' gameplay trailer: VIDEO: 741413.mp4
Filed under: FEZ 2, E3
Horizon hosted a brief conference today at E3, where they dropped the surprise announcement that Polytron is working on Fez 2. Check out the teaser trailer below! VIDEO: 741719.mp4 [Source]
Ubisoft hit the E3 showfloor with a lot of games this year, not the least of which is Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. Check out the E3 2013 trailer and the E3 2013 cinematic: VIDEO: 741057.mp4 Also, you might want to check actual gameplay footage from the show: VIDEO: 741061.mp4
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