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According to US Official Xbox Magazine's rumor section, Fable 4 is going to arrive some time in 2013. Word is: "Look for the Fable cycle to continue with a proper, controller-based Fable IV in 2013." Fine news indeed - if you enjoyed Fable III, of course (which I sure as hell didn't, at least not as much as any of the previous installments)...
Lionhead Studios will be releasing a playable demo for the PC version of Fable 3, on the launch day of the full game. So, starting May 17, gamers are going to have a chance to try out a segment of Fable 3 before they purchase the full retail edition. Source. Update: Microsoft and Lionhead just canceled the demo. So, no PC demo, after all.
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The folks at Lionhead Studios discuss their plans for the forthcoming PC edition of the action adventure, Fable III: VIDEO: Fable3_PCDD720p.flv
Microsoft Game Studios and Lionhead today officially reveal that Fable III for Windows PC is going to be available via Valve's Steam digital distribution service (that's, of course, on top of Games for Windows Marketplace and in retail stores)...
Lionhead Studios confirms that the PC edition of Fable III, their action RPG (or whatever the hell it is), is going to hit stores in North America on May 17, 2011. PC screenshots were released too: click to view full gallery click to view full gallery
We return to Albion - a kingdom in turmoil, a kingdom on the very brink of revolution. Can a hero save a crumbling kingdom or plunge it even further into decay? Well, those are some of the decisions you'll be facing in Lionhead Studios' latest game...
Lionhead Studios tweeted that the PC edition of Fable 3 is on its way and that the company will reveal more info eventually. "Fable 3 PC Version is still in development here at Lionhead so PC GAMERS don't panic. We'll announce details when we're ready to do so," the tweet reads.
Microsoft officially confirmed the first round of DLC for the action adventure Fable 3. 'Understone Quest Pack' expands world of Albion with a new area and three new quests (sigh... just three... damn it!). According to the press release: "With the Fable III Understone Quest Pack...
Okay, sorry for the late update guys, but I've been keeping myself busy these days. Just finished Call of Duty: Black Ops. Also, completed Fable 3 late last night. So, I'll get started on both reviews ASAP.
Ah, the joys of childhood. AT COMIC: Fable - A Dad's Tale
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The latest UK weekly sales charts show that Fable 3 is the most wanted game in that region (ah and I see Just Dance 2 is still as popular as ever, jolly good show): 1. Fable III (Microsoft) 2. FIFA 11 (EA) 3. Fallout: New Vegas (Bethesda) 4...
Peter Molyneux and his Fable-related chitchat again... Grab your swords and get ready to slice and dice and... shape your sword as you slice and dice (hm, everything I seem to write these days has double meaning): VIDEO: Fable3_cta720p.flv
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... And the revolution -- in Lionhead Studios' Fable 3 -- has begun. Check it out: VIDEO: Revolution_Fable3xbl1.flv By the way, the song in the video is 'Young Men Dead' by Black Angels.
Microsoft just officially confirmed a "geo-location mobile game" for those who are keen about getting their mitts on Lionhead Studios Fable 3. The game is titled Fable III: Kingmaker and is set to launch on October 4th across Europe - UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Sweden (nothing about a US version yet)...
Lionhead Studios reveals the celeberty voice talent that includes a lot of familiar faces. Some of the major starts in Fable 3 are as follows: John Cleese as your trusty butler and confidant, Jasper Sir Ben Kingsley as the leader of the mountain dwellers...
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