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Apparently Fallout 4 has over 400 hours of content sandwiched into the game, according to producer Jeff Gardiner. "I've played the game for probably 400 hours, and I'm still finding stuff that I haven't seen [before]," he told OXM in an interview...
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When Bethesda announced the Pip Boy Collector's Edition at E3, the preorders sold out within hours. Bethesda opened up preorders once again, but these also sold out within hours. If you missed out and are hoping the company will open up the preorders once more, I'm sorry to report that you are out of luck...
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Well now, the QuakeCon 2015 started yesterday, and this little fresh news story is just in. The folks over at Bethesda Softworks have announced Fallout Anthology, which is basically a compilation of all the Fallout games released thus far - now who could have predicted that? Oh yeah, and Fallout Anthology will also offer a "collectible" nuke case apparently...
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Fallout games have always been rather big, as that is just what Bethesda does with its open world games. But how much bigger is Fallout 4 going to be? Well, to give you all some idea on how monstrous this will be, game director Todd Howard recently told Telegraph that each of the main voice actors recorded over 13,000 lines over the last two years...
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Apparently there's been some mass confusion about Bethesda's offer over E3 to give Fallout 3 to those who purchase Fallout 4. This is a preorder incentive only, and it's only for those who preorder through the Xbox store, meaning it's also for digital-only Fallout 4 purchases...
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During E3 week, Imgur user GatorMacheteJr sent Bethesda 11.2 pounds of bottle caps as a preorder payment for Fallout 4. It's an amusing stunt, and the amount of scrap metal that could be obtained from the bottle caps will net the publisher far more than what the video game costs, albeit you would have to deduct the amount of time and pain-in-the-ass fees it would take to get said funds...
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Bethesda thought about adding multiplayer to Fallout 4, as it is a big, big place, but they've since decided against it.  Todd Howard discussed how the dev team did design a mode for multiplayer functionality, but each time they implemented it...
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Bethesda pretty much nailed it by announcing Fallout 4 this year, regardless of the whole backlash about the game having outdated graphics (I mean, seriously, folks... who the sodding hell cares, as long as the game is good). Anyway, today Fallout 4 lead designer and writer, Emil Pagliarulo, revealed the two actors who are going to voice the game's main female character and male character...
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Among Bethesda's announcements at the E3 this year, they've also shown proper gameplay footage from the upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG, Fallout 4. They've also confiremd that the game will be released on Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms, on November 10, 2015.  Check out a new batch of screenshots:
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Hello, folks. I'd like to talk to you a bit about graphical downgrades in the gaming industry. You know, Bethesda announcing Fallout 4 is good news. Remember what that feels like? Good news? No? Okay. What about The Witcher 3 coming out? That's a big deal is it not? Oh wait, that's right, it had bugs and it looked like crap when compared to a demo from two years ago...
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According to various sources, retailers appear to be showing Fallout 4 having a 2015 launch window. While Bethesda still hasn't given any official release dates for either PC or console, many are now convinced that the game is sure to be penciled in on this year's calendar...
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In case you missed the Internet yesterday, Bethesda Softworks announced Fallout 4 and treated us to a nice little teaser for the upcoming sequel in the post-apocalyptic themed RPG. Today, you might enjoyed these images from the game: Fallout 4 is in development for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
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As expected, Bethesda Softworks have just announced Fallout 4 via the game's official web site, confirming that the upcoming RPG is indeed in development for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The first teaser trailer for Fallout 4 has arrived: VIDEO: 1529491...
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Well this is new. Bethesda is hosting their very first pre-E3 press conference this year, which has made everyone assume that the reason is Fallout-related. And instead of waiting until the show to confirm or deny the rumors, they put up a teaser website with a countdown clock for June 3rd at 10 a...
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