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Okay, guys, here it is, the full list of the titles we've seen in the past year. You may not agree that some of these are even worth the bother, but hell, we all have our differences. There were a lot of games and yet somehow I keep getting this feeling that could've been a whole lot better...
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Okay, folks the Holiday season is almost upon us. We're almost through compiling a list of video games for our Game of the Year People's Choice (voting poll). Now's your chance to remind us of any games we've potentially missed, before we put the poll up...
Filed under: GAME OF THE YEAR, 2013
Filed under: GAME OF THE YEAR, 2013
Time to have another glimpse at some of the best games we've seen in 2013. You may disagree with some of our decisions, but to be completely honest, I couldn't give a right cheek of a donkey's bum what you all think. I personally thought this was one of the most boring years for mainstream gaming...
Here's your chance to vote for what you thought was the best release in 2013. Take your time and think about your decisions. There are some fine games up there. Oh and if you manage to stumble upon a game we've missed, please feel free to mention it in the comments section and explain why it is good and why we are unbelievable cockfags for missing out on it...
The Gods of the Internet were not particularly kind to us today and have failed to bless us with mighty bandwidthage. This is the main reason why we're late with our usual updates. Anyhow, we're continuing work on our Game of the Year feature and I encourage you guys to vote for what you consider to be the best release in 2012...
Okay, folks, starting to compile the top candidates for our Game of the Year feature. As you may have noticed that we have posted our Game of the Year - People's Choice voting poll yesterday, so please vote for what you think was the best game in 2012...
Think carefully before casting your votes, folks. Yes, it's time to pick the best title of the year 2012. There are 40 games up there and I'm sure you've had a chance to try most of them. Naturally, there are a lot of titles that didn't make it into the poll, for several reasons...
Okay, folks, once again we collect our thoughts to appreciate and talk about some of the best titles we've seen throughout the year. Before we proceed to the ActionTrip 2011 Game of the Year Awards, let us have a look at the final results of the GotY voting poll...
Yep, we've started early this year. The time has come when we try to gather our thoughts about the year and the game's that have gone by. There are a lot of games on the list, so it's time to cast your votes, people. We feel obligated to stress though, that a lot of games did not make it into the voting poll...
This is it, people. Another eventful gaming year draws to a close and we were happy to be a part of it. Well, sort of happy that is. Not entirely happy. We still haven't witnessed any truly remarkable games this year (we always kind of hope we would, ya know...
Hello everyone! You know, I could go on and on about how great or how crappy this gaming year was, but I'm not going to, because you've all heard it before. Most of you were with us every step of the way and all I can say is that it's been a fun ride...
We invite all of you to take part in ActionTrip's new voting poll: Gaming wise, 2009 was: Kick-ass! Ok. Annoyingly mehish. Unbelievably crappy. Minutes before we post our GotY feature, I'd like to show you the results of our previous voting poll - i...
It's been a long and eventful gaming year. Some surprises to sure... and there were definitely some great disappointments. Still, I'm starting to get a clear idea of what the People's Choice on AT is gonna be. Geeez! Whatever, you guys. Anyhow, look for our Game of the Year feature early next week.
I think Ubisoft's plan to return to the Sands of Time franchise is a good move. Provided, of course, they don't intend to make just another mundane movie tie-in. God, I hope not! I'm really looking forward to a decent and challenging Prince of Persia game...

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