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Do you ever consider quitting gaming altogether? If so, WHY? Tell me!  Oh and Happy Mondays... and 
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Posing a very simple question for you guys this morning. Which game(s) turned you into a hardcore gamer? It's been a year since I revealed 5 Video Game Classics That Turned Me Into A Hardcore Gamer. I remember each and every one of them fondly :)
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Okay, as soon as the E3 madness passes and all the dust settles, I think that June 2016, for me, will be all about Mirror's Edge Catalyst and No Man's Sky. Oh yeah, and damn it, I have to wait until August for Deux Ex: Makind Divided. What do you guys have lined up for the summer (gaming wise)?
We each have our own fantasy universe we like to escape to. And right now, it's safe to say we're deeply immersed into Game of Thrones. Inspired by the books and the ongoing TV show, we couldn't help but ponder more about George R.R. Martin's vast universe that's filled with endless stories about individual heroes and heroines...
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My upcoming weekend can be summed up in a few words. Correction; it can be summed up by the titles I'll be playing and the TV show I'll be watching. In other words, this means, fucking game marathons, all-nighters, choking on coffee and toxic Pringles, oh yes, the lot...
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Today I would like to ask two questions: Which games made you laugh the most because they had great humor? Which games made you laugh the most because of their hilarious bugs? Here are my answers: Day of the Tentacle (1993) Assassin's Creed Unity (PC)
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If you decided to make a game yourself (triple-A or indie), from the first line of code to store shelf, what would that game be (name the genre, for starters)? Here's my answer:  RPG. Because that's the genre I enjoy playing the most. 
Took one of those ridiculous 'which character are you' online tests the other day (this one was Game of Thrones themed). The test said I am Jon Snow, which is kind of funny because 2lions and a lot of other people said I look like Edward Snowden...
Interesting, I seem to be asking the right questions lately. Looks as though you guys not only enjoyed yesterday's little debate, but it seems you've done some serious RPG grinding in the past. Well, who hasn't I ask ya? For me this weekend is about too crucial things:  Gaming...
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Shut up, they are...  AT COMIC: Video Games: The True Enemy of Time
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For the next month or so, there will be a lot of cool stuff to watch. Well, hopefully cool. Coming up first is the start of Game of Thrones (Season 6), and then we have some kick-ass flicks: Captain America: Civil War coming in early May. X-Men: Apocalypse in mid May Warcraft the movie in early June Independence Day 2 (sorry...
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Games I'd love to play right now, but I just don't have the time: The Division Dark Souls 3 (reviewed it, just not enough time to play more) XCOM 2 (same as Dark Souls 3) Diablo 3 Games I'm playing for work: DiRT Rally Samorost 3 The Banner Saga 2 Games I'm playing with the daughter: Samorost 3 Unravel Games I currently consider to be my guilty pleasures: Far Cry Primal (that's pretty much it for now)
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Usually what gets my work day going. Reading what needs to be read. Playing what I want to play. Loving who I want to love (sorry no link available ;)). Making fun of everything without falling into the pit of political correctness (it takes a great efforts these days, believe me)...
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2016 might be the year we'll see some major changes in gaming. Everyone's talking about VR left and right, people are going more and more into esports and, of course, multiplayer games in general (nothing new but still it's an ever-expanding market), and the triple-A industry thankfully seems to have enough for my personal taste - that's always been primarily single-player games...
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Good morning, everyone. Reminder of the day: if you're not having sex right now, you should be. Or at least later tonight, or over the weekend.  In order to help you on your sexual journey, I've decided to post this extremely hot photo...

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