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It took quite a while, but I think I've finally singled out the hottest male specimens from the gaming world. Sure, sure I know what you're thinking. You're probably thinking: "why Vader, you slab of incredibly attractive geekish meat, most video game heroes are all buff dudes with thick necks and rough, manly voices...
Filed under: GAMING, MONDAY
Hello there, folks. It's going to be a week of interesting releases. Here's what awaits us: The Witness - the latest game from Jonathan Blow (the maker of Braid). Final Fantasy Explorers - umm... yeah... there's that. Rise of the Tomb Raider (PC) - PC gamers finally get to hang out with Lara Croft again...
Filed under: GAMING, 2016
Alrighty, folks, we don't normally re-post news about our articles, although I somehow I felt you should really check this one out, and there was a lot of news yesterday, so it's possible you missed it. Also, as features go, this a pretty important one, so, once again, have a glimpse at our MOST ANTICIPATED GAMES OF 2016. Cheers. And don't work, unless you really have to. It's Saturday, man!
Filed under: 2016, GAMING
Following our Game of the Year Awards for 2015 and our overview of the games that were shite in 2015, it's time to approach the year 2016 with optimism, vigor and sheer fangasmitty. Yessiree we are really excited about some of these games, but I also seem to notice that a lot of people feel the same way, so there... yay, we're not the only aged geeks out there that get nuts over upcoming games. Without much further ado, here are our 25 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2016.
Filed under: BABES, GAMING
You know oddly enough, this is still one of our most popular features. I wonder why: And here's what the people have chosen: Bear in mind, all of this is from 2007. Hm, might be the right time to think about the hottest heroines of more recent times. Oh fine and just for political correctness, the hottest heroes too. So, what do you guys think?
Filed under: GAMING, 2016
My delightful old country of Way Over Yonder Beyond the Vale of Grey Shitness (i.e. Serbia), does wonders to improve the current state of my nervous system. Yesterday was our very first workday in 2016. Many people here at the office were actually happy to be back at their work desks and were all ready to go...
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What an exceptionally cold and foggy morning. Then I got a bit cheesed off because one of the fog lights on my car wasn't working, but then I realized that most of the other car drivers in traffic just don't give a monkey's ding dong about regulations or lights...
I'm too wrapped up in work... sorry games... I mean work, I mean games... I mean. See my problem? AT COMIC: Gaming Overdose
Filed under: GAMING
I'm currently addicted to one of the most repetitive games on the market - Destiny. In other words, the game's structure and mechanics agree with me. It's a different story for everyone: Keri's into Mass Effect and Halo, Vince can't get enough of Elite Dangerous and Blake prefers both Destiny and Forza...
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One last day of playing The Taken King before Blake and I review it. It really has been a long week of grinding and going through the story, so I almost ready to give you guys my full impressions. Let's see.. what else is new? Oh yeah, been jumping back into some tremendous sleathly fun with good, old Snake. I'm on story mission 20 now, damn, the game keeps impressiving me with each step. It's a bloody shame Konami won't be continuing the series any time soon (or ever).
Filed under: WEATHER, GAMING
No matter how smart mankind gets or how much technology advances, there's only one topic that will always be more popular than others. There's only one topic people always use as an icebreaker in conversation, and after so many years, that one thing has never changed...
Anita Sarkeesian goes on another crusade, calling out games that offer women as a reward for your efforts (within the game world). In her 33-minute video she mentions quite a few games, some old, some current, but her stance on the matter remains the same on all accounts...
Filed under: GAMING, MONDAYS
Whaat the heell, just stumbled on this news story about Allen Iverson. Man, such a shame. He was one of my all-time favorites - back in the mid 90s when I used to watch NBA all the time. He was one kick-ass point-guard. Aaaanyways, it's a super-hot, but lovely Monday morning and we're all still alive...
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Haven't been this overwhelmed by game releases for ages and it's not even September yet. What the bleedin' fook? Okay, so I complain when there are no games and I complain when there are games. It seems that my whole life is one long string of complaints tied together to make one massive ticket for Life's Help Desk...
Filed under: GAMING
While I'm sitting here, still trying to come up with a remotely interesting comic, I caught a glimpse of how the latest Fantastic Four movie is doing. My word... it turns out the movie sucks massive bloated cockage. Man, Hollywood needs a rough kick in the groin, to serve as an adequate reminder that they need to start coming up with better stories and new pigeons...

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Most anticipated games of 2016 - People's Choice:

Persona 5
Telltale Batman
Nier: Automata
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Gears of War 4
Dishonored 2
Street Fighter V
No Man’s Sky
The Last Guardian
For Honor
Final Fantasy XV
Tom Clancy’s The Division
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
Star Citizen
Dark Souls 3
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Mass Effect Andromeda
Quantum Break
Crackdown 3
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