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No matter how smart mankind gets or how much technology advances, there's only one topic that will always be more popular than others. There's only one topic people always use as an icebreaker in conversation, and after so many years, that one thing has never changed...
Anita Sarkeesian goes on another crusade, calling out games that offer women as a reward for your efforts (within the game world). In her 33-minute video she mentions quite a few games, some old, some current, but her stance on the matter remains the same on all accounts...
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Whaat the heell, just stumbled on this news story about Allen Iverson. Man, such a shame. He was one of my all-time favorites - back in the mid 90s when I used to watch NBA all the time. He was one kick-ass point-guard. Aaaanyways, it's a super-hot, but lovely Monday morning and we're all still alive...
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Haven't been this overwhelmed by game releases for ages and it's not even September yet. What the bleedin' fook? Okay, so I complain when there are no games and I complain when there are games. It seems that my whole life is one long string of complaints tied together to make one massive ticket for Life's Help Desk...
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While I'm sitting here, still trying to come up with a remotely interesting comic, I caught a glimpse of how the latest Fantastic Four movie is doing. My word... it turns out the movie sucks massive bloated cockage. Man, Hollywood needs a rough kick in the groin, to serve as an adequate reminder that they need to start coming up with better stories and new pigeons...
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Open-world games are taking over the scene. The question remains: is this good or bad? Lately we seem to be getting a lot of big-budget games that allow you to explore to an impressive degree, but then they usually fail to deliver on other, more important aspects, like story and even gameplay in some cases...
Okay, time for a new voting poll. This one reaches several topics, you might say (and I might say, and that guy at the back might say... ya know that one with a low chin and enormous farts). Anyway, you can answer what ever you like, but I'd appreciate at honest answer and an honest vote...
I've just had an enormous amount of water and tea and all sorts of coffees. Suffice it to say, I'm peeing like a race horse, which is important I think, so I just thought I'd mention it. Anyway, it's really amazing how the exhaustion from a 12-hour drive can screw up your work and everyday routines...
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So, you're not gonna believe this, but 2lions approached me yesterday and asked me: "so, is there anything interesting at the E3 this year." Yes, the legends are true: 2loins lives. It took me like several minutes to think of an answer. Now, bear in mind that 2lions has only one link remaining to the video game world and that's Hearthstone...
Filed under: E3, GAMING
There's so much stuff going on right now, but the real question is what exactly is worth our attention? Is there really a game at this year's E3 that's worth your time? Well, for one thing, that certainly depends on your preference. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Keri will...
Filed under: FRIDAY, GAMING
Good morning, folks. The comic is about halfway done. I'm just waiting the artist to send it back, so I can check it out myself and make a few necessary changes in the dialogue.  The feature I'm currently working on is something I thought of doing for a while now, but have only just come around to actually writting it down...
Hello, folks. I'd like to talk to you a bit about graphical downgrades in the gaming industry. You know, Bethesda announcing Fallout 4 is good news. Remember what that feels like? Good news? No? Okay. What about The Witcher 3 coming out? That's a big deal is it not? Oh wait, that's right, it had bugs and it looked like crap when compared to a demo from two years ago...
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I love it when I get the comic done a day earlier and I love it when I'm personally happy with it. Cant's wait to share it with you guys. Anyway, what are you guys up to these days? Let me here what game has been taking up most of your time (although I can venture and guess that it has a lot to do with sleeping with hookers and hunting monsters).
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It's always nice when the first part of the working day is completely wasted due to a power blackout that occurred in the entire area of the city that, of course, includes the AT HQ building. But anyway, gotta get back to writing my feature and Magicka 2 review, so talk to ya guys soon. Oh and let's see if there's any news. Damn! European time sucks for gaming news!
Keri is gonna hate me for going all 'daddy-blog' on this, but I simply can't help it. I am a gamer and a father and I really felt it's time for me to express my opinion on how those two mix - easy, they don't. They can, but they basically don't...

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