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Although technically we've all know this for some time, Google just made a serious effort to confirm it. "Gamers on Youtube: Evolving Video Consumption," the latest study done by the company, uncovered that gamers look to the public video service YouTube for online gaming information...
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Well, folks, as the traditional AT say goes: the early bird cockslaps the helpless worm. So, let's get to it. Enjoying the weekend, I mean.  Hope you all have fun getting drunk (alone or with friends). Or playing games... while drunk... with friends.
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So many things happen in one weekend, but I continue to devote my time to the games I love the most. It seems I'll never grow out of being a gamer, which is something I kind of like about myself. Not the kind of gamer who loses his own soul to the nothingness of grinding in a some MMORPG...
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How about a show that mixes video games with cooking? We talk about games and cook. Eat delicious foods, talk about games, crappy ones, good ones (well mostly crappy ones) and then we vomit. Hm, the show's probably not going to work without chickage... Must have some chickage - preferably. Semi-naked female chefs just talking about video games all day and cooking, rubbing tomato sauce all over their semi-naked... Is this a dream or am I writing this? Oh yeah, and there's the E3.
Rainy and cold. Just the way I like it. Perfect I tell you. As ever, I'm looking for a fine game to keep me warm. Unfortunately the crap I'm playing now is hardly sufficient to quench my gaming thirst. Also, I'm dead serious about buying a fucking PS3. I know, I know, but what can I do. I need to play The Last of Us and loads of other games I missed.
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Man, it appears we're in for one boring gaming summer. Apart from The Last of Us, which is PS3-only, there's really not a lot on the horizon to get us through the approaching trimester of laziness and sweat. Once again, we'll be rummaging through our own game archives, simultaneously trying to dig up something via those Steam discounts just to get that much needed gaming fix...
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There's a very good reason why I get sucked into games like XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Fez, SimCity, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Portal 2. Not just because they're damn-good games, but because each and every one of them feels like a labor of love in ever aspect. That's about it. Everything else sucks at the moment. Well, apart from FC 3: BD...and The Walking Dead. If mainstream gaming is home cooking, I'm gonna fucking order out!
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Okay, here's a choice for ya:  A Freelancer-type game set in the Star Wars universe A Fallout-type game set in a Tolstoy universe (a weird-ass idea that spawned thanks to a discusion on AT Facebook this morning) A gory FPS set in a Sense & Sensibility universe Feel free to add something else you'd like to see on the gaming scene.  
I'm utterly disgusted with what current mainstream gaming scene has to offer and the same bloody thing goes for movies, especially the crap that was released in the last few years or so. After the news that EVE Online will be made into a TV series, well, that certainly made me realize just how pathetically unoriginal the entertainment industry has become...
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I want to be immersed in a game as much as I was when I played Dragon Age: Origins. Or Neverwinter Nights and all of its expansion packs. Or Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Or Red Dead Redemption. Or Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Or Half-Life 2. That's clearly too much to ask these days.
Well, call me a cock-slapping member of the pessimist boat crew, April is going to be an utterly lousy month for us gamers. I mean, Injustice: Gods Among Us and Kinect Star Wars - how pathetic is that? Makes me vomit just to think of it. Also, Kinect Star Wars? Well, okay, I've seen actual gameplay footage of this thing and it's not all bad, I guess...
Never gonna spare the rod from now on... Game wise.
The industry is just fine the way it is. Well, apart from all the retarded casual games for mobile devices and touch pads... ... and the generic shooters. ... and countless cloned 3rd-person action adventures. ... and all the stupid 3D platform for kiddies...
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Someone asked me the other day, what's the best game I've ever played in my entire life. To this person I replied with one short and unbelievably simple answer: "you're a Goddamn retard!" Then I burped and fell asleep.
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Glorious, I say, oh glorious Friday is upon us, which means that the weekend is one step closer and that means it's soon time to get sloshed out of our skulls. Oh c'mon, what else is there to do during the weekend but play games, get drunk with friends, have weekend sex and watch movies or read a good book...
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