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Filed under: GAMING
Keri, Vince and Vader (that's me... why the fuck am I talking about myself in thrid person?) dicuss what are the most highly anticipated games for the crowded fall gaming season. Hm, for us anyway. And there are some truly promising games linedup. That particular time of the year is traditionally crammed lots and lots of rain and with top-notch releases and 2014 is going to be no exception... rain-wise.  Read oure feature Top 7 Games We're Excited About This Fall.
Filed under: MOBILE, GAMING
Okay, and if you had any doubts, this is why Square Enix announced Deus Ex: The Fall, a game for mobile and tablets. There's a new research report, according to which total revenues from mobile games will top $28.9 billion by the year 2016. It was stressed, however, that mobile and tablet games are not going to overshadow dedicated game devices (well, thank the High Heavens for that)...
NY citizen Michael Thommason was registered in the Guinness Book of World Records for having a damn-huge collection of video games. In fact, it's the largest in existence, according to Guinness. It's been noted that the collection has 10,607 titles, while the owner expressed last November that there are actually 12,000 games...
Filed under: GAMING
Okay, folks, I've just update our release date section and here's what you can expect within the coming month (possibly excluding a few indie releases, which I'm not too sure about):  Watch Dogs Mario Kart 8 Ultra Street Fighter 4 Murdered: Soul Suspect WildStar Tomodachi...
Filed under: GAMING
Wow, I've just been looking at the latest wave of trailers for big-budget Hollywood movies. Man, I've seen around 10 trailers and I'm not excited for one of these movies. Every single movie is either a drama or stupid-ass over-the-top comedy, or a gritty action film...
Filed under: LOVE, GAMING
Playing FRACT, Child of Light, Daylight and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Busy week ahead. Also, I've managed to lure a nice, sexy lady into my den of loneliness and despair. And the funny thing is, she didn't run away screaming. In fact, she stayed a bit longer. No restraints or cages, honestly.  By the way, this shit's weird. Just where the fuck did this guy pick up the sample of sea water? 
Filed under: GAMING
It's like gaming has only started for 2014. March has brought a number of cool games, including Southpark: Stick of Truth, Dark Souls 2 and Titanfall. Finally, something to play that doesn't include hipster retro 2D graphics and pixelized swords. 
Filed under: TYPING, GAMING
Haven't been this tired in a long time. I'm so sleepy I can't keep my bloody eyes open. I'm even typing this with my eyes closed, which is no big deal since I can bllind tpy. Anyway, I've just been wondering if I can blind type, I can probably learn to play some games with my eyes shut...
Filed under: GAMING
Playing games while growing up is so fucking different to playing games when you're grown up. Our desire and ability to play dwindles with age and that's so sad to me. I'm not saying we should remain spoiled brats and irresponsible immature assholes our entire lives (we all have to pull our socks up at some point), although there is less and less time for games as you get older...
Dubstep is something I've despized ever since it reared it's ugly snout out of the bowels of modern-day electronic music. However, I must admit that there are some decent examples of how it should be used. It usually goes well if mixed with other genres...
Filed under: GAMING, 2013
We've all spent 2013 doing our own thing. Some of us created, others destroyed, some have done absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, I'm one of those who did absolutely nothing noteworthy. Or nothing at all, if you will. Movies were crap this year, with the slightly disappointing Desolation of Smaug (fun isn't the only thing I expected here, I wanted more from this)...
Filed under: GAMING
It's getting colder outside.  Good.  Means more gaming's gonna happen inside.
Filed under: GAMING
If we possibly disregard, GTA 5 for, like, five seconds (which is exceedingly difficult, for me anyway), this is going to be a lousy month for gaming actually. I've just been going through our Release Date section (now known as the Games section) and there's nothing exciting on the horizon for the rest of September...
Filed under: GAMING, RPG, DIABLO 3
Something is terribly wrong with my brain if I'm getting sucked back into Diablo 3 on the Xbox 360 - a game I know only too well and have played it all the way to Inferno on the PC. Why does shit like this have to happen? I had a perfectly normal (well, semi-normal life)? Hm, not that this is one of those sleep-deprived Star Wars: KotOR or Dragon Age phases...
Filed under: GAMING
Screw everything! I'm kicking things into high gear now. I'm going to play as much games as I possibly can. They're starting to pour in like crazy and it's not even September yet. I'll play everything. Well, okay, no MMORPGs, please. I'll leave that to our resident expert, Vince. Also, Un Om seems to be keen on digging into as many indie titles as he can. In short: it's gaming time!
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