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Rockstar has confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 5, the company's ridiculously popular action adventure, shipped over 32,5 million copies. GTA 5 was off to a flying start when the game generated $800 million after being a single day on sale. In three days, the game garnered a staggering $1 billion...
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French and German editions of Amazon have listed the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V on their sites, until they were pulled. While both sites have removed the info, this sort of thing has been known to happen slightly before the official announcements...
The petition asking Rockstar Games to bring out their title Grand Theft Auto 5 to PC has now reached over 650,000 signatures. Last month there were some reports indicating that Rockstar Games is working on the PC edition of their popular action adventure, Grand Theft Auto 5...
According to Dsogaming, a couple of international Amazon customer service representatives claimed that a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V will release in March 2014 for both North America and Europe. One support rep was from Germany, and the other was from the UK, and both had the same story about the game's release. It's typical of Amazon to leak a game's release date ahead of an official announcement, but until Rockstar confirms the same, it will have to be marked as a rumor.
Lindsay Lohan is claiming that Rockstar used her likeness without her permission in Grand Theft Auto V, according to TMZ. Her lawyers haven't filed suit yet, but apparently they plan to demand "serious money" from Rockstar. As there is no suit...
Grand Theft Auto V has two free items you can download today: the game's 1.06 update and the Beach Bum DLC. The DLC is bundled with the update on PlayStation 3, but Xbox 360 owners will have to download each separately. The Beach Bum DLC consists of the SNS pistol...
The 1.05 Patch for Grand Theft Auto Online is now available for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This patch fixes problems a few users were having due to cloud save failures. Specifically, it fixes the following problems: losing progress when there is a cloud outage; losing...
As part of an apology and a thank you for your patience, Rockstar promised to give everyone who tried out Grand Theft Auto Online in October half a million in GTA cash. Rockstar hoped to start the deposits a couple of weeks ago, but unfortunately, they have had to delay the stimulus package to next week...
Rockstar Games has patched GTA Online for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Once installed, the patch addresses a number of issues including the one where some player's vehicles or vehicle modifications were disappearing due to a cloud save failure...
After being on top of UK sales charts for a few weeks in a row, FIFA 14 finally gives in to Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 5, which is currently the most wanted game in the region, effectively holding off EA's football game and Nintendo's Pokemon X and Pokemon Y...
Grand Theft Auto 5 achieves a number of records. Now it's being documented that Rockstar Games' action adventure broke six new world records, which makes seven, as documented by the Guinness World Records. Here are the records that have been achieved by GTA 5 so far: Best-selling...
According to Eurogamer, Rockstar will release a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V in 2014. The 600,000 plus people who have signed the petition on will get their wish after all. Back in August, Nvidia's senior director of investor relations, Chris Evendeen, mentioned that there would be a PC version of the game during a financial call...
Similarly to last week, football-obssessed gamers of the United Kingdom have clearly, well, united and are buying the new FIFA game (FIFA 14) more than any other game; even more than Rockstar's recently released smash-hit, Grand Theft Auto 5, which achieved record earnings in the brief period it's been on the market...
Rockstar is determined to fix the issues surrounding GTA Online, which launched recently. Rockstar Games Support site just posted the word about the update for the PS3 version of GTA Online. PS3 users can grab the update right away, while 360 gamers be able to download it later today...
We've noticed that a lot of you have been complaining about GTA Online not working. To those of you who don't know, the long-awaited multiplayer portion of the increasingly popular title Grand Theft Auto 5 launched on Tuesday, although Rockstar Games have sent a message out to players before the launch, predicting that the service would probably have some problems...
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