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Numerous PC gamers have complained that the latest patch released by Rockstar for Grand Theft Auto 5 drastically hurt the frame rate of the game. Rockstar has now released a patch to fix the frame rate issues, but there could be a catch to this fix. Rockstar has said that they cannot actively support players who mod Grand Theft Auto Online...
Fans create some amazing things, such as this video below. One fan of Grand Theft Auto V recreated the opening for 1980s/90s sit-com Full House using footage from the game. And yes, it is to the original Full House theme song "Everywhere You Look." It's even more amazing if you watch the real opening for the show, so you can see how darn accurate this fan got.
Rockstar Games recently released Grand Theft Auto V for Windows PC and Vince dived straight into that one, barely making it out alive. The game was also upgraded to version 350.1, which in turn brought a number of fixes and improvements to the game. Check it out: Vehicles in your garage can no longer be accidentally replaced with vehicles from the street...
Oh boy, Grand Theft Auto has reemerged as best-seller on nearly all fronts. Check out the latest list of top-selling titles on Valve's Steam: Grand Theft Auto V Dying Light H1Z1 Stranded Deep Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Homeworld Remastered Collection Dying Light Ultimate Edition Grim Fandango Remastered Ryse: Son of Rome DayZ Huh, DayZ has fallen tremendously. It used to be on the very top.
A new co-op mode is coming to Grand Theft Auto V very soon for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, that will allow teams of players to "plan, prepare, and execute multi-tiered Heists across Los Santos and Blaine County." Sounds like it's almost like a PayDay: The Heist mode paying a visit to the world of GTAV. Rockstar says it will launch some time in "early 2015." VIDEO: 1265201.mp4
Lindsay Lohan has released her own video game, and no, it's not about her supposed likeness in Grand Theft Auto V. Her game, The Price of Fame, is for iOS and Android devices, where players can become celebrities just like Lindsay. I know that's on everyone's life agenda...
Last week, two retailers in Australia, Target and Kmart, decided to ban sales of Grand Theft Auto V from their stores due to a petition filed on the site for Australia. Take-Two Interactive's president, Ken Slatoff, spoke out about the decision today during the BMO Capital Markets Technology and Digital Media Conference...
Due to strong consumer feedback about Grand Theft Auto V's "depictions of violence against women," Target Australia has opted to remove all copies of the game from store shelves. Naturally, this has caused controversy on both sides. "We respect their perspective on the issue...
Grand Theft Auto V for the new generation of consoles releases tomorrow, along with everything else, and guess what? There's a monstrous day-one update just waiting for all of you. Apologies to everyone who has a datacap on their Internet service...
Take-Two recently filed a motion to dismiss Lindsay Lohan's lawsuit against the company for using her likeness in Grand Theft Auto, insisting that her claims are "frivolous" and "filed for publicity purposes." Lohan has refused to take that lying down...
Have you heard the rumor that the PC version for Grand Theft Auto V has been canceled or postponed? Well fear not, as Rockstar Games has confirmed this rumor is not true. They are still planning on a Fall 2014 release date. "I'm also looking forward to the PC release," the representative said on Rockstar's support forums...
Take-Two has announced that Rockstar has shipped 33 million copies of Grand Theft Auto V since it's launch in September 2013. However, they were quick to note that this does not include any copies purchased digitally, as digital sales for 2K have grown 65% over the last year. If Rockstar ever released the PC version many people want, they'd surprise the all-time record holder for most console games shipped, Mario Kart Wii at 34 million. [Source]
According to Dsogaming, a couple of international Amazon customer service representatives claimed that a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V will release in March 2014 for both North America and Europe. One support rep was from Germany, and the other was from the UK, and both had the same story about the game's release. It's typical of Amazon to leak a game's release date ahead of an official announcement, but until Rockstar confirms the same, it will have to be marked as a rumor.
Lindsay Lohan is claiming that Rockstar used her likeness without her permission in Grand Theft Auto V, according to TMZ. Her lawyers haven't filed suit yet, but apparently they plan to demand "serious money" from Rockstar. As there is no suit...
Grand Theft Auto V has two free items you can download today: the game's 1.06 update and the Beach Bum DLC. The DLC is bundled with the update on PlayStation 3, but Xbox 360 owners will have to download each separately. The Beach Bum DLC consists of the SNS pistol...

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