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We know everyone wants Half-Life 3, but will a Half-Life 2 add-on do in the meantime? Indie developer Richard Seabrook has been working on a continuation of Gearbox's Half-Life: Opposing Force story, which has lead to Prospekt. Seabrook says that Prospekt roughly matches the length of Half-Life 2: Episode One...
There's an interesting little report over at ValveTime, where certain images are being trotted out. Not just any images. These screenies are, supposedly, from Valve Software's cancelled Half-Life 2: Episode 4. The report also appears to mention that the title -- Half-life 2: Episode 4 or Return to Ravenholm -- was in development over at Arkane Studios...
According to a report from Journal du Gamer (translation via OXM), which cited a "trusted source" close to developer Valve, Half-life 3 is, in fact, in development. Supposedly the game won't be out until after 2013. Meanwhile, and this is the cool bit, the anonymous source commented that the game was inspired by the RPG Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim...
How many times have we longed for Valve to reveal at least a shred of evidence that Half-Life 3 exists (or Half-Life 2: Episode 3, if you prefer)? The thing is they never said a word. No official info or media. Nothing. Hints, rumors, possibly some tidbits that might lead us to believe they haven't given up on the project entirely, albeit nothing concrete...
The same guys who filmed the 'Escape from City 17' have now released the second part of the live-action short. Check it out:
The Half-Life based short -- 'Beyond Black Messa' -- is now available online (for a short that had a $1200 budget, it's pretty decent work):
We may or may not have seen this by now, but it's a nice paper flick, amusingly reminding us of the Half-Life 2 story: Thanks, VE3D.
Wow, this Half-Life 3 rumor madness is slowly starting to get out of hand. Here's what I think. If it turns out Valve has been working secretly on Half-life 3, I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised. When Half-life 2 made its debut at an E3 many years back, I remember we asked Gabe Newell if they've been working on it for a long time...
Here we go again. According to an unnamed source, Valve's big E3 secret is the announcement for Half-life 3, which is reportedly running on the new Source Engine 2. The report was posted by VG247 and they claim this source said it's possible Valve will be showing off a full sequel to critically acclaimed shooter...
You can cry your eyes out and weep until you're blue in the face, but Valve is not planning to announced Half-Life 2: Episode Three at the E3 2010, despite numerous reports that the company might do just that. Fan site has word from Valve boss Gabe Newell who sent a private message which simply states: "It isn't Ep 3...
After Valve's cancellation of their Portal 2 E3 presentation, the well-known development studio hinted a mysterious announcement for the show via a weird e-mail. Word reached us that there's a rather official-looking teaser plaque, which may hold the answer to Vavle's riddle...
Now, normally we never post Mac-related news, but I fully admit that this teaser for Half-Life 2 rekindled the old Gordon Freeman spark. Check it out: VIDEO: FreeYourselfmachl2.flv The Mac version of Half-Life 2 hits Steam tomorrow and will include Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode 1 and Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Thanks, Shack.
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Here's a bit of sad news, I'm afraid. Actor Robert Culp, who gave his voice to the character of Dr Wallace Breen in Valve's Half-Life 2, passed away yesterday at the age of 79. Apparently, Culp fell down while walking near his home in Los Angeles, as reported by LA Times. Apart from his role in Half-Life 2, Culp's career encompassed more than 50 years on TV and in film - you can learn more about that here. Source.
We stress that this is a rumor. Word has it that Half-life 2: Episode Three will not be released this year, despite the fact that development studio Valve released the last installment in their shooter series almost two and a half years ago...
Certainly worth a watch, if you haven't seen it already:

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