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There's an interesting little report over at ValveTime, where certain images are being trotted out. Not just any images. These screenies are, supposedly, from Valve Software's cancelled Half-Life 2: Episode 4. The report also appears to mention that the title -- Half-life 2: Episode 4 or Return to Ravenholm -- was in development over at Arkane Studios...
After Valve's cancellation of their Portal 2 E3 presentation, the well-known development studio hinted a mysterious announcement for the show via a weird e-mail. Word reached us that there's a rather official-looking teaser plaque, which may hold the answer to Vavle's riddle...
We stress that this is a rumor. Word has it that Half-life 2: Episode Three will not be released this year, despite the fact that development studio Valve released the last installment in their shooter series almost two and a half years ago...
Haven't you had enough to drink already? You might as well sober up and face the fact: Half-Life Ep. 3 (or Half-Life 3 or whatever you wanna call it) won't come out this year either. It won't come out next year. I know you want it to, but it's just a pointless wish at this time.
That does it, I think it's time Valve said something about HL2: Episode Three. Anything, guys! Just a few measly crumbs of info or media (or both)! Screw it. If I was Valve, I'd turn Ep. Three into a full installment - Half-Life 3! Ah, that would get my gaming juices flowing like you wouldn't believe (and, for the record, they're not flowing right now).
In a recent interview posted on Kikizo, Vavle's Doug Lombardi explains more about their soon-to-be-released PC/X360 title, Left 4 Dead. However, a brief segment of the Q&A also discusses what the development studio means to do with Half-life 2: Episode Three...
This fine piece of artwork for Valve's upcoming title Half-Life 2: Episode Three has just been spotted. The image features a tiny figure of good old Gordon Freeman brandishing his trusty crowbar, surrounded by massive ruins of the Citadel - or so it seems...
Hm, it's possible that another E3 secret has been uncovered. According to this update, Valve Software might be showcasing Half-life 2: Episode 3 at the E3 this year. Valve did reveal their plans for making Ep. 3, although we didn't get any info on the subject for a long time now...
The creative folks over at development studio Valve are still contemplating where to go with the next chapter in the Half-Life saga. Half-Life 2: Episode Three is on its way, sure, but at this point, not even Valve knows what's going on in the game...
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