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Video games are without a doubt a great way of telling stories, but these days we see a mainstream title that seems to have gone far beyond the lore and characters provided within the game itself. This week Keri takes a look at just how many of these worlds have stretched beyond the game medium...
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343 Industries has announced they are creating a free-to-play, online-only multiplayer Halo Russia. "Halo Online is powered by a highly modified version of the Halo 3 engine and optimized for smooth performance on lower-end PCs," the developer explained on Halo Waypoint...
Microsoft has announced a new top-down, twin-stick shooter in the Halo-verse, Halo: Spartan Strike. Gameplay and presentation-wise, it's just like Spartan Assault. It's even launching only on Windows platforms (PC, Surface, and Windows phones)...
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If any PC-gaming Halo fans were hoping for a PC version of 343's Master Chief Collection this November, prepare to be disappointed.  "We are focused all on [Xbox One]," 343 general manager Bonnie Ross told IGN. "It is Master Chief's story, and it is Master Chief's story on [Xbox One]...
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The ongoing San Diego Comic Con brings in a brand new trailer; this time for Halo 2: Anniversary. This actually shows cut-scenes that are going to be featured in the Halo: The Master Chief Collection. VIDEO: 965297.mp4 Just in case you are utterly confused...
Marty O'Donnell, composer well known for the music in the Halo and Myth series, was fired by Bungie's Board of Directors last week. I'm saddened to say that Bungie's board of directors terminated me without cause on April 11, 2014...
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In shocking news to no one, Microsoft has confirmed there will be Halo news at this year's E3. "Halo news will be coming at E3," Microsoft's Phil Spencer said on Twitter. "343i has a great plan in place, will be cool to share with everyone...
Neill Blomkamp could be continuing down a familiar road. The guy who rose to fame after directing a series of impressive shorts based on Halo, has since gone to direct full movies like District 9 and Elysium. While there's still no official confirmation on this...
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Microsoft confirmed to Eurogamer that they do not plan to make a Halo movie, effectively quashing the rumor that Ridley Scott had signed up to produce such a film for Microsoft. "The Halo franchise encompasses many elements, including games, action figures, novels and more," a Microsoft spokesperson said...
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Inspired by the recent reports of Halo 5. This should be the opening scene.  AT COMIC: Haloanalysis
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343 Industries recently welcomed new creative director Tim Longo, who is now involved with the next Halo game. He previously worked on Star Wars: Republic Commando and the Tomb Raider title from 2013 and . To celebrate the beginning of the project, they've released the first concept art from the game...
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When Yusuf Medhi announced this morning that the Xbox One sold 3 million units in 2013, he also listed in his blog post all of the upcoming games for the Xbox One in 2014. Halo was not listed, which naturally sent the Internet into a downward spiral. Rob Semsey...
Having worked with 343 Industries on the triple-A title Halo 4, lead designer Scott Warner, now joins forces with Visceral Games, the makers of Dante's Inferno and the Dead Space series. The news comes from a tweet made by Scott yesterday. It simply reads: "Today I'm starting work as a Design Director for Visceral Games...
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343 Industries and Microsoft announced a new Halo game, Halo: Spartan Assault, and it's only for Windows 8 devices. Yes, this includes PCs, tablets, and phones. Considering it's a top-down, twin-stick shooter, it may be easier to play on the PC with an Xbox controller, unless you've mastered the virtual sticks on touch screens...
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So how important is TV to the Xbox One? It's so important that there will be a brand new TV series based off of a quite popular Xbox game. Nancy Tellem, digial media president of Microsoft, and Bonnie Ross of 343 Industries announced a new live action Halo Television Series that will be exclusive to Xbox One...
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