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Filed under: HALO 4
It's a pretty slow week on Xbox Live, with just 1 XBLA new release, no demos, a few Games on Demand, barely any add-ons, and a handful of decent content put on sale. Xbox Live Arcade Motorcross Madness (Wednesday) - 800 Demos None Games on Demand Halo 3: ODST Campaign Edition - $14...
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Since Halo 4's multiplayer and co-op features offer plenty of customization, it's really no surprise that 343 Industries is looking at introducing microtransactions for cosmetic items for the multiplayer. At least, that's what executive producer Dan Ayoub recently told Digital Spy...
"Brought to you by MAXIM," the Haven DLC Pack for Gears of War: Judgment is now available to download for free from Xbox Live (add it to your queue here). Taking up 50.12MB, the DLC Pack adds the Haven multiplayer map, as well as the Execution mode...
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Starting this Monday, the Majestic FFA playlist is going to be replaced by a Community Forge FFA Playlist. Featuring eight maps that have become finalists in the Halo 4 Forge contest, the playlist will only be around for a short time, with an FFA playlist comprised of regular maps, Majestic maps, and a Forge map or two taking its place when 343 removes it...
Last week on Xbox Live played out pretty much how you'd expect, with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition dominating the most played games, and Minecraft placing ahead of every other XBLA release on the sales charts. Perhaps the only notable things to point out are Tomb Raider debuting at #13, and a bunch of Sega fighters selling really well on XBLA due to a sale...
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While previously the Halo 4 multiplayer had been updated with new playlists and the like every single week, 343 has now decided to move to a bi-weekly schedule, which allows them to "provide you with more substantial updates." This does mean that there won't be anything new added to multiplayer next Monday...
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Following the Crimson and Majestic map packs that were previously released for Halo 4, the final piece of DLC found inside the Halo 4 War Games Map Pass is the Castle map pack, arriving on Monday, April 8th. If you don't have the pass, Castle runs you 800 Microsoft Points...
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Starting on Monday, March 11th, the Team Action Sack playlist will go live in the Halo 4 multiplayer. This 4 vs. 4 mode includes non-traditional starting weapons and pre-set loadouts, with these variants representing some of the ones planned for the near future: Binary Slayer - Features decreased gravity, increased speed, sniping, and thrusting...
The Capcom Arcade Cabinet's debut on the Xbox Live Arcade wasn't enough to overtake Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels Plus, which sits comfortably behind perennial #1, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, in the XBLA sales rankings. As for the most played games, there's no real surprises, though Dead Space 3 did manage to finish in 20th...
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That big sale on various Xbox Live Games on Demand titles has now started, with four different Halo games discounted today only: Halo 3 - $9.99 Halo 4 - $39.99 Halo: Reach - $9.99 Halo Wars - $9.99 In addition to the daily deals, these following titles are going to be on sale until March 4th: Dirt 2 - $4...
If you're tired of the overpriced titles in the Xbox Live Games on Demand section, you'll be able to choose from 61 different games that will be put on sale next week, with some of them going up to 85% off, though specific pricing information wasn't given yet...
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Originally expected to go live sometime this month, 343 has given an update regarding the newest Halo 4 title update, saying that it is scheduled to release this week. They weren't able to narrow down an exact time, so don't be surprised if it shows up at random in the next few days...
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The Majestic Map Pack for Halo 4 is out this Monday, February 25th for 800 MSP ($10), adding three new multiplayer maps, along with the Infinity Rumble playlist. As is customary with DLC, some brand new achievements will be added to the game for you to unlock...
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