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Tony Goodman, founder of now defunct Ensemble Studios, explained in an interview that Microsoft forced the development studio to adjust their strategy to the Halo setting (a project which was otherwise unrelated to the Halo universe). "Microsoft was pretty risk averse and they said, 'I don't know if we want to take the risk of creating strategy games on a console...
In addition to March PC sales, NPD uncovered console software and hardware sales in the US for that same period. You can check out last month's best-selling consoles games below. Hm, it appears Capcom's Resident Evil 5 and Microsoft's Halo Wars have done very well - oh and let's not forget Pokemon Platinum: 1...
Microsoft is boasting all over the place that the recently released real-time strategy Halo Wars sold over one million units worldwide, making the exclusive Xbox 360 title "the best selling real-time strategy game on any current generation console...
We check out the latest 360 real-time strategy from Microsoft and Ensemble Studios. Most of you are no doubt wondering if the developers made an intuitive RTS experience, considering it's console-only. Well, we've spent the last few days getting into the spirit of the game and we were surprised with what we saw. Is it worth your time and money? Read our Halo Wars review to find out.
Microsoft says that the demo for Ensemble's 360-exclusive real-time strategy Halo Wars was downloaded more than 2 million times following its launch on February 5. This officially marks a day-one record for demo downloads and MS includes it as Xbox Live's "top demo downloads of all time...
Microsoft and Ensemble Studios finally release a playable demo for the X360-exclusive real-time strategy Halo Wars: Content: Halo Wars Demo Price: Free Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions Dash Text: [ESRB: T (Teen) MILD BLOOD,MILD LANGUAGE,VIOLENCE] Halo Wars lets you effortlessly command powerful UNSC and Covenant armies in epic battles...
Another Halo Wars trailer has arrived. The 'Call to Battle' trailer explains briefly how the war with the Covenant began: VIDEO: HaloWarsTrailer720p.flv Oh yeah, and from what I hear, people enjoyed the recently released Halo Wars demo.
I'll admit I wasn't too excited about this game, until 2lions told me it looked really great when he so it during the E3 a while back. Anyhow, check out the latest dev. diary for Halo Wars (featuring gameplay footage, of course): VIDEO: HaloWars_MeetTheSpartans_Trailer.flv
Before MS shuts down Ensemble Studios, the developer is going to wrap things up with the promising console real-time strategy Halo Wars. The game itself was slated to arrive Stateside this March, but the launch date is now set for February 28...
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At the beginning of last month we learned that Microsoft and soon-to-be-dismantled developer Ensemble Studios will be launching the Xbox 360 real-time strategy Halo Wars in February 2009. Turns out, that particular release date is strictly for European soil...
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Microsoft and Ensemble release another batch of screenshots from the upcoming real-time strategy Halo Wars. Take a look: click to view full gallery
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Looks as though Microsoft and Ensemble Studios will be bringing their real-time strategy to stores worldwide during February next year. They've also revealed details on the Halo Wars Collector's Edition. Here's the word: Three New "Halo 3" Multiplayer Maps ' Be one of...
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Brand new gameplay footage from the real-time strategy Halo Wars is now available. The clip is narrated by lead designer Graeme Devine and gives us a small peek at the Flood. VIDEO: HaloWarsv720.flv Look for Halo Wars in stores on January 21 for the Xbox 360.
Microsoft has a butt-load of games under its powerful publishing arm, but Halo remains one of its most sought-after franchises and the RTS Halo Wars is the next major title lined-up. The publisher confirmed that Ensemble Studios, the developer behind the project, is going to be closing its doors once they've finished the project...
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While Fable 2 is practically around the corner (October 21, to be exact) Halo Wars won't be in stores until some time next year (Q1 2009, most probably). Both titles are X360-bound and are being published by Microsoft. I've updated our screenshot galleries for both titles. You can view them below: Fable 2 Halo Wars

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