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If anyone still cares about this, publisher Microsoft is planning to shut down Halo 2 PC multiplayer, starting February 15 - this is officially going to be the service end date for Halo 2 PC multiplayer. Also, they highlighted that the game has multiplayer achievements, which won't be available as soon as Halo 2 goes offline...
Dreams are just weird that way. AT COMIC: It's All In The Subconscious
Thanks to a loudmouthed reader, IGN grabbed hold of leaked concept art from Bungie's mystery project called Destiny, which represents the developer's follow-up to the Halo franchise. Apart from that, they got hold of a document that contains plot descriptions and more...
Tony Goodman, founder of now defunct Ensemble Studios, explained in an interview that Microsoft forced the development studio to adjust their strategy to the Halo setting (a project which was otherwise unrelated to the Halo universe). "Microsoft was pretty risk averse and they said, 'I don't know if we want to take the risk of creating strategy games on a console...
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According to a post on Game Informer, an interesting piece of information has surfaced from the ' Halo 4 panel at PAX Prime 2011. Apparently, Halo 4 is going to be the first game in the "Reclaimer Trilogy" (whatever the hell that means). Here's the word: Much...
Some of the most memorable soundtracks in the history of gaming - I'm referring to the music from the Halo trilogy. I keep listening to some of the tracks while I work, but it's been a while since I heard this one. Oh and this has absolutely nothing to do with any kind of Halo or Master Chief fetish. It's merely appreciating good music.
Why on Earth would... ? Never mind. The latest rumor to surface today is that Microsoft's newly formed internal Halo studio, 343 Industries, might've been assigned to create a Halo: Combat Evolved remake. The report originated from "industry chatter" in the latest issue of Games Master magazine...
The film adaptation of Microsoft's FPS Halo took Hollywood by storm, but alas, never made it to the big-screen. 20th Century Fox and Universal who were funding the much-talked-about movie project backed out and the fate of the Halo flick once again became uncertain...
As expected, in United Kingdom Halo: Reach blows every other title out of the water when it comes to sales. Games that were in the top of the UK weekly chart are now pushed down by Bungie's recently launched shooter. Halo: Reach sold 330,000 copies in that particular region and also generated $200 million globally in the first 24h on sale...
Halo: Reach is already being regarded as the "biggest entertainment launch of 2010 in just a few days on sale," as confirmed by publisher Microsoft. The game was released on Tuesday and its sales surpassed every game, movie and entertainment launch in 2010 (apparently, even the opening weekends of Iron Man 2 and Toy Story 3)...
Halo: Reach is not Halo 4, at least not for the team at Bungie. The development studio said that they regard Halo: Reach as a standalone entry for the series. "It's not a continuation of the Master Chief story, nor is it the start of a new trilogy...
MS and Bungie reveal more details about Halo: Reach. Players will step into the role of a Spartan III, as the story of Noble Team unfolds. This team's task is to defend the planet Reach, its people and secrets against an assault by an alien collective known as the Covenant. The new premiere trailer has also been released: VIDEO: Halo_Reachdebut.flv Orgasmic... well, for every Halo whore out there. Like myself.
The next Halo game from Microsoft and Bungie got a new web site, which just went live. Check out the official Halo Reach web site here. The web site reads: "The Halo: Reach World Premiere is airborne and destined for the Spike TV Video Game Awards airing this Saturday night, 12/12...
The much-talked-about potential Halo movie is no longer in Neill Blomkamp's hands. Since Peter Jackson is also out of the picture, it appears another huge Hollywood name might get involved with the project. IESB is reporting that Steven Spielberg is actively negotiating to develop the feature film adaptation of Halo...
Peter Jackson, unfortunately, won't be working on a Halo-branded feature film, as revealed during the recently held Comic Con in San Diego. When questioned on the subject the Hollywood director responded: "Halo project is no longer happening, it sort of collapsed when the movie didn't end up happening...
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