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Bethesda and id announced today that QuakeCon, their upcoming PC gaming show in Dallas, TX, has partnered with five charity groups to help give back to the gaming community. "The community has been the backbone of QuakeCon ever since the first gathering in 1996," Pete Hines, VP of PR and Marketing for Bethesda, said in a press release...
John Carmack, the man who co-founded id and left id for Oculus VR, is being accused by id's parent company, Zenimax, of stealing tech when he left. Lawyers on behalf of Zenimax sent a claim to Oculus VR saying, "It was only through the concerted efforts of Mr...
Sorry we missed this one, but better late than never as the old saying goes. Evidently, video game legend John Carmack has resigned from heading development studio id Software. Carmack, of Doom and Rage developer severs ties in order to focus full-time on Oculus VR CTO position "John Carmack...
John Carmack, lead programmer at and founder of id Software, is the new chief technology officer at Oculus VR, the company currently developing the Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset. “I have fond memories of the development work that led to a lot of great things in modern gaming—the intensity of the first-person experience...
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Nobody really knows what the fate of id's Rage franchise will be, not even id. A while back the well-known development studio said that they are yet to decide if they'll be making a sequel to their shooter Rage.  Now, id's Tim Willits says that he still feels optimistic about the prospects of a new Rage game and that it is a universe he's extremely fond of...
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Reacting to recent stories related to alleged Doom 4 screenshots, id's Matthew Hooper cleared up a few things. He tweeted that the leaked shots were not from Doom 4 and then he proceeded to tease fans, saying they will be very pleased when id actually shows what they have prepared for the long-awaited shooter sequel...
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is Software gave us Rage. They didn't give us any hints about the next Doom game though. However, some tidbits have surfaced recently. Some alleged screenshots from Doom 4 appeared, along with the note saying the game is canceled. You can check out the images here...
Presumably, according to a source, id and Bethesda may be looking to push back Doom 4 indefinitely, as reported by Kotaku. The info supposedly emerged from a "company wide" meeting held in Dallas and the word is that Bethesda and parent company Zenimax made the decision to "indefinitely postpone" the development of Doom 4...
id Software has been preparing this one for ages and now it has arrived. We thought for a while about which platform to review this baby on and we eventually decided to give the PC edition a shot. After all, this is id we're talking about. Hm, boy, our hunch was exactly spot on, let me tell ya...
About Rage, dya try it out for the PC yet guys? I noticed some of you posting a few words about it on our FB page, but from what I gather, none of you complained about the graphical issues. I'm particularly interested in what NVIDIA graphics cards users have to say about Rage, since the word is that ATI GPU owners should have no worries. So, what's your take, folks?
id Software, mostly recognized for releasing well-polished games, didn't exactly live up to their name with their latest shooter Rage, which, according to many sources is swarming with grapihcal bugs and performance issues (as we've reported yesterday)...
The first wave of reviews for id Software's Rage has hit the web and while the console versions appear to be running smoothly, PC gamers are complaining about major graphical issues in the freshly launched shooter. The bugs appear to be no joke and are most apparent on systems with ATI graphics cards...
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Looks like the release of Rage has been pushed back. So, instead of September 13, id Software's first-person shooter Rage is going to arrive on October 4 in the United States and October 7 in Europe and the United Kingdom - that's according to the game's official web site. Have nothing more to say on the subject. It's been delayed for a bit, so what?
There are video games and there are video games. Some are just fleeting moments we'll never go back to after the one playthrough, but others we remember for the rest of our lives. We just do. Same way with movies. It's a personal experience isn't it...
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It seems like we've been waiting forever for id Software and Bethesda Softworks to release the highly anticipated shooter Rage. The game is going to showcase id's new technology and we're eager to see it in action. Rage's creative director, Tim Willits, confirmed in an interview published in OXM, that the single-player campaign will take 15 hours to finish...

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