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Steam Spy, a storefront tracker for the very popular Steam online gaming story and PC platform, has released the Steam sales figures from April 2015 to April 2016, the first year of the tracker's existence. From these figures, creator Sergey Galyonkin found that over that year, the number of games offered significantly increased (which is hardly a surprise)...
Well, how about this one - an indie game from dudes who worked on The Witcher 2 and The Witcher 3? Well, I think it looks and sounds kinda awesome. Actually, from what we saw at PAX East, it's an isometric stealth-RPG, featuring some prettz cool elements...
Hey, guys, we have more PAX East coverage coming your way. It's a cool-looking point-and-click adventure game called Kathy Rain. Check it out: Kathy Rain stars a young woman aptly named Kathy Rain, who has stumbled upon a crazy family mystery her first time to return home in fifteen years...
Now, here's another promising indie title, also hot off the PAX East showfloor. From the dudes who created Expeditions: Conquistadors, comes Expeditions: Viking - "a tactical RPG where players inherit the leadership of their clan. Charged with elevating their clan’s status...
Well, hang on, I definitely did not expect this. While exploring the wonders of PAX East, Keri seems to have stumbled on a cool indie music game called Klang.  Check it out: The most impressive facet of this game is the fact that it was created by a one-man show, Tom-Ivar Arntzen, who operates under the name Tinimations...
Here's an interesting little indie thing you may have missed. What we have here is a cute side-scrolling RPG, that perhaps can best be described as a subtle mix of Dark Souls and the classic Castlevania. Check out the trailer below: VIDEO: 1624873...
I have a penchant for the silly, I do admit. I adored Goat Simulator for the most ridiculous reasons, and I'm still surprised that I never picked up that pigeon dating simulator, Hatoful Boyfriend. So naturally, when something like Kim pops up, my silly senses tune in with extreme prejudice...
So much work and effort takes to get those products, stacked and well-packed, and it's all done by machines. But guess what, there are nasty bugs nearby that might ruin it all. Check out, Factorio, our cute little indie highlight for today: VIDEO: 1617667...
Here's something you probably did not expect. Slain is a pixelized side-scroller, with plenty of blood spilling, shattered guts and slicing going on. Development studio Wolf Brew Games was planning to release Slain a bit earlier, but they were forced to make some last minute changes, which prolonged the launch...
There's a brand new trailer has arrived for the upcoming indie game, Below. VIDEO: 1615271.mp4 The unique-looking adventure game made its first appearance during the E3 2013 and, judging from the latest video, the project seems to be progressing just fine...
What with all the games coming out at the moment, our backlog is growing rapidly, hence it's quite possible that not everyone has heard of an indie PC shooter, called Escape From Tarkov. This particular first-person shooter is in development for both Windows PC and Mac, and by the look of things, the game bears a strong resemblance to that of GSC Game World's S...
Ares Omega is a first game for a new independent development studio, Selenion Games. It's a top-down rogue shooter with procedurally generated rooms. It also has a bit of a retro look, and the game's plot is slightly retro as well—player is a cybernetically enhanced soldier who has been sent to Mars to put down a robot rebellion against their human masters...
With the Game Developer's Conference (GDC) going on this week, Microsoft's ID@Xbox has broken the stage with some potentially huge news for indie devs working to put their games on the Xbox One platform. The biggest news is that they're enabling developers to support cross-network play along with cross-platform play between Xbox One and Windows 10 games...
Keri takes a glamorous swan-dive of curiosity into the bubbly pond of real-time strategies, as she talks us through a little indie game called We Are The Dwarves; created and published by Whale Rock Games. Here's a tidbit for ya: The player can “pause” the game at any time to line up shots...
Into the Stars has been in Early Access for awhile, and on the surface, it looks to be a a bit of a FTL copycat. And maybe it is, but a press release that dropped in my inbox regarding the game got me more curious. The PR rep didn't hide the game's inspiration from FTL; in fact, he described the game as a cross between Oregon Trail and FTL...

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