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I had to do a double-take when reading this article from Wired, as I was sure it was a satire or a late April Fool's Joke, but no really, Ken Levine is working on an interactive film based upon cult TV series Twilight Zone. “Interactivity is a spectrum, it’s not binary,” Levine explained to Wired...
The former Irrational Games team, now called Day for night Games, has decided to cease development on The Black Glove, their Kickstarter project that never reached funding. "Okay, bad news first: We’ve decided to shelve The Black Glove for now," the studio wrote on their website...
Irrational Games may be gone, but the team that formerly brought us greats like BioShock and BioShock Infinite have banded together to form a new studio and start work on a new project. "Obviously, we all like to work," Joe Fielder told Polygon...
Ken Levine, co-founder of Irrational Games, posted a rather startling message on the developer's website today. Simply put, Levine wants to take Irrational Games into a new direction, one that's "a smaller, more entrepreneurial endeavor at Take-Two...
NPD Group has released their software and hardware sales data for March 2013. Emerging triumphant on the top 10 chart of best-selling games in the US is none other than Irrational Games' shooter BioShock Infinite (definitely no surprises there). Here's the full chart: BioShock Infinite (X360...
Here it is, folks. We're off into the wild blue yonder to experience the mysterious and beautiful-looking locals of Columbia. No, we're not joining the drug trade. We're just taking our time to stroll through the latest BioShock game. Exploring Columbia may lead you to some unique and truly mesmerizing locals...
Like said about 200 times on AT Facebook, BioShock Infinite has landed in our lap and I'm as giddy as a hopeless nerd can be. Gonna post our review as soon as I can. Meanwhile, you might wanna know that Irrational Games have sent along this lovely launch trailer: VIDEO: 692161.mp4 BioShock hits stores tomorrow for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.
Ken Levine and the folks at Irrational Games give us a thorough description of the whole process of creating Elisabeth, one of the key characters in the approaching FPS, BioShock Infinite. Check it out: VIDEO: 689261.mp4 The game hits stores next week, on Tuesday (Mar. 26) for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
Sorry, folks, got the press release yesterday, but only noticed it this morning. Award-winning composer Garry Schyman has devoted his attention to the musical score for Irrational Games' BioShock Infinite. Garry Schyman received recognition for his earlier work...
FPS BioShock Infinite is almost here. Well, fair enough, we're still two months away from release, so just hold your horses for a while longer. Anyway, folks over at Irrational Games have unveiled the system requirements for the PC edition of the game...
Irrational Games sends along the word that their upcoming shooter BioShock: Infinite won't make it in time for its projected launch date - February 26, 2013. Instead, the development studio decided to release the game precisely one month later...
Check out the latest trailer from Irrational Games' shooter BioShock Infinite (some kick-ass gameplay footage in this one): VIDEO: 582951.mp4 BioShock Infinite hits stores on Oct. 16, for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.
According to an announcement made by developer Irrational Games, gamers will be able to purchase an Ultimate Songbird Edition and a Premium Edition of the upcoming game, BioShock Infinite (these are both collector's editions). If you're interested in pre-ordering, head over this way...
Irrational Games decided to take a bit more time with their next shooter, BioShock Infinite. Creative Director Ken Levine said: "When we announced the release date of BioShock Infinite in March, we felt pretty good about the timing. Since then, we've uncovered opportunities to make Infinite into something even more extraordinary...
The creatures in BioShock Infinite are getting creepier by the minute: VIDEO: BioshockInfinite_bos.flv If you missed the previous 'Heavy Hitters' videos check out 'Handyman' and 'Motorized Patriot' - pretty neat ideas for enemies.

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