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Veteran industry publisher Microsoft has revealed that the sales of Xbox One have doubled in the US during June, after the company issued bundles of their console without Kinect. Evidently, proof of this is "internal data based on retail calendar and sold through numbers...
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Microsoft hasn't announced a price for the standalone Kinect for the Xbox One yet, but it's possible that their newly announced price for the Kinect 2 for Windows will be a strong price indicator. The company announced today that the Kinect 2 for Windows is available for preorder through the Microsoft Store for $199.99. Not sure how much developers are really interested in creating for the Kinect for Windows, but it will be out there as an option for anyone interested on July 15th.
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According to The Guardian, the UK intelligence agency GCHQ had looked into using the Xbox 360's Kinect camera for surveillance. This agency had already been using PC and Mac webcams for the same purpose, and they were looking into whether the Xbox camera could be used as well...
First, watch this. Then, check out this comic. AT COMIC: Star Wars Well-Kinected
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Hm, is there anybody actually who's actually excited about this stuff? Well, here it is anyway - the latest trailer for the upcoming horror-themed action game, offering a glimpse at the game's Kinect features: VIDEO: 637741.mp4 Dead Space 3 is going to be out next month, for Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
CVG has the word about Microsoft's next technology that's supposedly being developed for the next Xbox console. This new gaming tech denotes a breakthrough device, currently referred to as the "environmental display," which was designed to project 360-degree game worlds across all four walls of a room utilizing advanced projection tech...
MS continually releases Xbox Live apps related to entertainment. This time they've sent the word that Paramount Pictures has a standalone Kinect-friendly app. It works similarly to a variety of other movie-buying apps on the system minus. Of course, you still won't be able to watch movies released by studios other than Paramount...
Kinect/Skyrim fans are in for a real treat, because Bethesda officially confirmed that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is going to get Kinect support. This basically means you'll be able to "Fus Ro Dah!" your family members and send them flying right out the window...
Yeah, the whole pitch for Kinect Star Wars is that players will be able to experience Star Wars like never before. Well, that's true in a way. This is the first time you'll be able to "unleash your inner Jedi." Hm, I haven't talk to my 'inner Jedi' in centuries. Of course, he lives beyond the dune sea these days. He's kind of a strange old hermit. VIDEO: kinect_swduel.flv
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Ah, yes, BioWare has incorporated Kinect support in their approaching action-flavored sci-fi adventure, Mass Effect 3: VIDEO: MassEffect3Kinect.flv
Dear readers, I'd like to direct your attention to our latest voting poll, which is related to Microsoft's effort to bring to PCs (which they will be doing on February 1). So, if you're interested in this (or if you're not interested), we'd like to know. So... let us know. Will you be buying Kinect for PC? Absolutely. Are you mad? Maybe, I just don't know yet. Only if it makes porn more interesting. Place your votes to the right, as usual.
Microsoft has just made an official announcement that they intend to bring their gamepad-free motion control gaming device Kinect to PCs. The launch for Kinect PC is slated for next month, as revealed by MS during the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show...
I'm trying to think if controller-free environments such as the Kinect will ever become the standard. C'mon guys, I mean, at some point, Kinect -- or at least something similar to it -- is bound to become the standard, even for PCs. The mouse and keyboard are sure to be replaced sometime...
Hm, thought this was an acid trip. Now, this is... err, gaming? Oh well, it most definitely is. Just depends on how you look at it. At times it looks fascinating, then again other times it looks like a L'Or'al commercial. Either way, should you wish to play it, you're gonna have to own an Xbox 360, packed with Kinect device, so there...
Analysts were shocked when industry veteran Microsoft announced its acquisition of Internet phone service Skype for $8 billion. Rumors were flying around several months back about other major players looking to purchase Skype - Facebook, Google and Cisco Systems being the three chief candidates, all of which were aiming to integrate Skype into their own services...

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