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All my life, I've been nervous, shy and somewhat different from others. Also, sometimes I was downright stupid for ignoring the lovely things life has placed right in front of my face. Hello, things! I was a first-class asshole for not noticing your gorgeousness earlier...
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What makes you happy? What do you think makes others happy or content? I know it's almost impassible to determine what makes other people happy, but give it a shot nonetheless. I'm hoping we'll get an interesting debate, because when other people talk about happiness, their notion doesn't seem to be much different from your own...
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That's it. Not turning on the PS4 when I get home. How hard can it be? For one thing, I wouldn't mind stepping outside for a bit to talk to people. I've talked to a few friends sure, but no new faces. I miss that. The thrill of meeting new people...
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Modern-day life in a few sentences: Loading... Waiting for encoder... Uploading... Downloading... Installing... Updaing... Restarting...
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Okay, so we dismiss music, comedy, movies, TV shows and video games. Dismiss them. You don't need them. They're too distracting, they say. You're suppose to build character, go to school, get a job, bend over and let some money-hungry douchebag molest your ass cheeks, as you chip away at one profession or another, while life passes you by...
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I'm not much for mobile games or tablet games, but QuizUp for gayPhone is pretty fucking amazing and addictive. Played it for ages on a friend's phone. The social trivia game covers an impressive range of topics. Naturally, the first two topics I wanted to try out were, The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars - I kicked ass in both categories.  In short, I'm 34 years old and I still need a life. 
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Got rid of the anxiety and now all I have is inertia. Fucking awesome. Sorry, got distracted with my own pathetic life style that always needs changing and the switch from 2013 to 20-fucking-14 won't be a big help either. It just reminds me that I haven't done anything about it...AGAIN! Anyway, back to less depressing issues. I'm going to put up a voting poll for Game of the Year today, so feel free to name some games you'd like to see up there. 
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People are so unique and powerful and yet those inner strengths we all have usually remain hidden. As individuals we are deemed weak, commonplace and even useless unless we do something out-of-the-ordinary, thus we achieve some sort of recognition. The truth...
The transition between seasons, say from winter to spring, is another one of nature's subtle ways of letting you know that you're one step closer to your own demise. Time passes and there's nothing you can do about it. Summer's almost here...
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I have this plant in my room. It's green. It gets a sufficient amount of water and sunlight. Sometimes I wish we could be satisfied so simply. Just water and sunshine. But no. That's never enough for us, is it? No. No, we have to be on at least 3 out of the 780 different social network sites...
Gonna need a strong sedative this week. Starting divorce procedure tomorrow. Life is pretty sucky at the moment. On the plus side, getting divorced leaves plenty of free time for gaming :) On another plus side, I can't shake off the overwhelming sea of women, eagerly lining up to learn all about my prodigious sexual desires...
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Just a little about me and then I promise to stop talking about me. I listen to a particular song 100 times, over and over again, even when I'm bored by it. I'm the kind of guy who puts down the toilet seat after doing the business (raised with three women in the house, so it became a rule rather quickly)...
Who are the truly wise men/women of our age I wonder? Are there any? Influential people such as powerful politicians and world leaders are hated now more than they ever have been. So, it's not those. Sadly, the educators of our age are script writers...
Filed under: LIFE, ROUTINE
Life has become too full of daily crap. You come home from work, look after the kid, then work some more from your home, then you go out and see friends, then you waste countless ours on Facebook or Twitter talking about all that shit, then you play games, watch movies, read books and waste some more precious time...
Remember, the gaming industry follows a certain course and there little we can do to change that. Not individually. Corporations feed the retarded masses. That's how I see it. If we somehow unite to achieve a common goal, then I do believe we can ultimately get better video games...
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