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Yesterday's news, I'm afraid, but only just saw this e-mail in my Inbox. Sorry about that. Anyway, the folks at Rockstar have revealed that the next round of downloadable content for Max Payne 3, entitled Painful Memories, will be available on December 4...
Rockstar Games spreads the word that they have released an new update, offering a number of improvements and fixes for the PC version of Max Payne 3 and laying the groundwork for the upcoming Hostage Negotiation Pack. Here's a bit more info about the patch (which is applied...
GTA developer Rockstar has officially confirmed that it's going to dissolve its studio Rockstar Vancouver, in an effort to improve and refocus on the company's Canadian branch, Rockstar Toronto. According to Rockstar, everyone who worked at Vancouver has been offered staff positions at the team in Toronto...
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As announced yesterday, Max Payne 3 is getting the first batch of DLC and here's the trailer: VIDEO: 513199.mp4
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Rockstar Games revealed that the first round of DLC for the shooter Max Payne 3, named "Local Justice Pack," will be released next month (July 3) for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. The PC edition is going to hit on July 17. In addition to the new achievements and trophies, the downloadable content features three new multiplayer maps new item, new weapons and a new multiplayer faction...
Blizzard Entertainment is not the only developer out there that has to deal with cheaters. Rockstar has announced its on agenda to deal with users who resort to modded games, hacked saves or similar schemes to gain an unfair advantage in the multiplayer segment of the recently released shooter Max Payne 3...
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Rockstar Games sends the official word that the PC edition of the shooter Max Payne 3 is available for digital or retail purchase worldwide. "Max Payne's roots are with the PC community, so it was essential to us that Max Payne 3 live up to that heritage," said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games...
PCWorld has more details on the PC edition of Rockstar's shooter, Max Payne 3. Here's a snip from a Q&A with lead designer Kevin Hoare: What are you doing to take advantage of the powerful hardware available in a PC? As you can see from the specs list above, we've worked hard to make sure the game will run smoothly on a wide range of PC builds...
Bullettime, you just can't beat it. Max Payne returns and he's odler and chubbier now. You still can't mess with him, because he's the ultimate badass. Rockstar continues to fascinate us with their ability to successfully create a game that looks unique...
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And that means, Max Payne 3 is just around the corner. The game hits PC, Xbox 360 and PC platforms in exactly four days, so be ready: VIDEO: MP3launchtr.flv
Rockstar has unveiled the official system requirements for the soon-to-be-released shooter Max Payne 3. Check what kind of system you'll need below: Developed in parallel with the game's console versions, Max Payne 3 for PC supports DirectX11 including tessellation...
When in doubt, use Bullet Time. It's an effective way of pulling through nasty situations, like when trying to avoid a bunch of ill-tempered nuns on your way to the... I mean, when you're outnumbered by enemies and such. VIDEO: MP3dtotech720p.flv
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Feast your eyes on some multiplayer gameplay footage from Max Payne 3: VIDEO: maxpayne31280p.flv
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Rockstar releases a small batch of screenshots from the PC edition of their approaching shooter, Max Payne 3. Have a look: click to view full gallery click to view full gallery

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