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The Xbox 360 edition of the open-world block-building game Minecraft seems to be doing tremendously well. Now, let us all cherish the look of surprise on our faces... "On the last day of 2012, Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition hit 5 million copies sold," business developer of studio Mojang, Daniel Kaplan, tweeted...
Mojang, the development studio responsible for the block-building indie sensation Minecraft, has revealed that their (now ultra-popular) game reached record sales. Johan Bernhardsson announced the news via Twitter, saying that Minecraft: Pocket Edition achieved 5 million in sales, which pushed the title to the impressive figure of 17...
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Hm, looks a bit weird doesn't it? It's a map and texture pack for Minecraft, giving you a chance to check out island from Far Cry 3, in addition to all of its hidden treasures: VIDEO: 588271.mp4
Markus 'Notch' Persson, creator of Minecraft and co-founder of Mojang, is protesting against Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 8 (thanks, CVG). "Got an e-mail from Microsoft wanting to help 'certify' Minecraft for Windows 8. I told them to stop trying to ruin the PC as an open platform," tweeted Persson to followers. His message has been retweeted over 2700 times...
That's right, the sales of the XBLA edition of Minecraft, one of the must popular sandbox building games on the market, have reached 3 million. Markus 'Notch' Persson just tweeted: "I got told Minecraft for XBLA passed three million sales today!" When the game hit Xbox Live on May 7 (priced at $20), it sold 1 million units in 5 days, climbing to an impressive 2 million in June.
Markus 'Notch' Persson is reportedly working on a "sandbox space trading sim" that's being described as a title similar to Elite, the open-ended space sim classic from 1984 (thanks Joystiq). There's only one difference, though. Instead of just maneuvering and flying a spaceship across the far regions of the galaxy...
It took us a long time, but we've finally brought you our full impressions of Mojang's sandbox-building wonder, Minecraft. Build, create and explore are the main mottos here. We dive deep into the pixelated world that is Minecraft. Here's a snip: As for the game itself, well, you could say it inspires you to create the most incredible things...
On this fine day, we've discovered that the ever-popular game Minecraft (still in pre-release form) has reached a user base of 10 million. Not only that, but it sold 3 million copies worldwide and it's not even a complete game. That's impressive shit, you have to admit...
Following last month's news that the worldwide online phenomenon Minecraft surpassed 10 million users, another report came in, which states that the game has sold over 3 million copies - as tweeted by Markus "Notch" Persson, creator of Minecraft. That ain't bad for a title that's still in its testing stage.
While we're on subject of Minecraft, word just got out that a Swedish law firm, representing publisher and developer Bethesda Softworks, is suing the creators of the popular open-world game. It appears that this suit is not related to Minecraft (a product still in not completed, by the way)...
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Here's a very brief, but interesting piece of info. The ever-expanding community of Minecraft has, well, expanded some more. Minecraft creator, Markus "Notch" Persson, keeps it simple: Minecraft just passed 10 million registered users.
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That's right, Minecraft continues to sell like hot cakes Word is: "2.5 million sales! That's as much as Diablo 1 and FarCry, according to Wikipedia," Minecraft originator Notch Tweeted (thanks Blue). That's pretty amazing for a game that hasn't even been released yet. Oh and since we mentioned release dates, Minecraft is set to arrive in November 2011. How many of you are actually playing this?
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It appears that the hugely popular indie game, Minecraft, will be released in full on November 11. Hm, well, that would be on the same day as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and that has inspired the tagline "us too" (thanks Blue). Also, ere's an updated on the current state of Minecraft: "We've been working on finishing up Achievements and Statistics for 1...
The hugely popular indie game, Minecraft, continues to thrive with a ever-growing community behind it, despite the fact that the game is still on its alpha stage. In response to a question on a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" thread, the creator of the immensely popular game gave a nice round figure, separating roughly 800,000 alpha version sales at the introductory 9...
Minecraft creator Markus Persson revealed during the GDC that he's working on a new project, well, it's a new strategy game, apparently. "It's actually been quite interesting to hear the reactions from people in the business when we have presented the idea behind Scrolls...

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