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Looks like Mirror's Edge Catalyst, the upcoming parkour-themed action game from DICE, will be getting Solar Fields back - the same composer who made a memorable soundtrack for the original game. The ambient electronic music composed by Solar Fields seemed like a perfect company for Faith as she was dashing across building rooftops...
I feel the need to explain this one...  ... but I won't. You're all gamers. Okay, let's just say I'm getting a bit tired of the open world formula.  AT COMIC: Open Worlds May Collide Soon
So, while DICE and EA haven't shown even the slightest sign of how far they've progressed with Mirror's Edge 2, at least they have confirmed that the game is well on the way and hopefully we'll see more of it at the E3, which kicks off next week...
It seems that Electronic Arts won't be hiring Mirror's Edge writer Rhianna Pratchett to pen the next Mirror's Edge game from DICE. Pratchett was the lead on last year's Tomb Raider game and she also co-wrote Heavenly Sword. Pratchett added...
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The world's first mainstream VR headset, Oculus Rift, is only months from release and is already getting some love from third party developers. Mirror's Edge is the latest game to support the device, and it's a match made in heaven. The adrenaline-pumping parkour of the game works in harmony with the device's ability to lend quick view angles...
Cooperating with BioWare and DICE, art dealership Cook & Becker presented a curated selection of original digital art prints from video games Mass Effect and Mirror’s Edge. The press release says: "The production of these museum-grade Certified Art Giclees is a joint initiative by BioWare, DICE and Cook & Becker to celebrate the art and design of these seminal game titles...
Thank the gaming Gods! I don't care if it's not an official announcement or anything concrete about Mirror's Edge 2, it's still news about Mirror's Edge 2 and that's good enough for me. Anyway, the scoop is that the sequel to the somewhat underrated parkour-themed action game, Mirror's Edge, is finally in development...
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Playing Mirror's Edge on the Xbox 360, after almost four years. Now I understand what was really wrong with this game and why the annoying little retards masses didn't eat it up as much as they gobbled up Gears of War, Halo or other triple-A releases...
Okay, I presume, you've all seen the previous news post and the kick-ass Battlefield 3 gameplay footage. If you have, then you also have a pretty good idea of what DICE's Frostbite 2 engine is capable of. Apparently EA means to employ the technology for the (oh-so-anticipated-by-us) Mirror's Edge sequel...
So Mirror's Edge wasn't perfect, but it certainly didn't feel like a bloody waste, as many people tend to think. The only problem was that the game didn't quite land on firm ground genre wise and the combat felt a bit unbalanced and underdeveloped...
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DICE was making another Mirror's Edge (Mirror's Edge 2), but this has fallen through because the original sold poorly. The resources allocated will likely move toward Battlefield 3. Mirrors Edge had mixed reception, likely due to the fact that it had a somewhat botched execution of what was already a tricky idea to begin with...
I think it's about time EA started thinking about a proper sequel to Mirror's Edge. Its gameplay, setting and plot need extra work and I think ME 2 could potentially put the franchise among the top contemporary games - providing they give it a unique edge. AT COMIC: The Parkour Master
If you can find the time to appreciate electronic ambient music, you might enjoy the works of Swedish electronic music artist Magnus Birgersson, a.k.a. Solar Fields. He's done a variety of interesting albums that in many ways sound quite similar to Vangelis, but with a dash of modern-day flare and contemporary beat added. It's a bit darkish, albeit very relaxing. For me, at least. Oh and he's the guy who composed the Mirror's Edge soundtrack.
Patrick Soderlund, senior vice president at EA Games Europe, spoke during the E3. He shared his excitement regarding the next project from the folks at DICE. Apart from the recently confirmed game Battlefield 3, DICE is also committed to another project - namely Mirror's Edge 2 (as uncovered by EA)...
In December last year, EA and DICE said they were going to release the first DLC for Mirror's Edge in January. Now, it appears the DLC is pushed back for a release during February 2009. EA said that DICE saw the delay necessary in order to provide "a completely smooth experience...

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