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Alrighty, folks. Good morning. Happy Mondays and all that. Today, I'd like to ask you one simple question. What is the very first game that got you into the multiplayer genre (MMOG, MOBA, competitive FPS, etc.)? Here are my answers: Counter-Strike (2000) - got me into multiplayer shooters. Destiny - (2014) - got me into the MMO genre; shut up, it is an MMO, even Bungie said so.
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Crowfall is a fresh project, now with its own Kickstarter page, which already shows that the upcoming MMORPG got 52,555$ in the first 20 minutes and the budget is now up to $141,832, and the number of backers is increasing fast. The game was described by the developers as a mix of Game of Thrones and Eve Online...
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A few days ago, a huge battle took place within the virtual world of the space-themed MMOG Even Online. The battle has been recorded and described as the "largest and most destructive battle in gaming history," as stated by the studio CCP games. Furthermore, when the battle finished, a loss of 11 trillion Isk was noted and that translates to $300,000 and $330,000 in tangible, real-life currency. You can check out the battle for yourselves below (definitely worth a peek):
About two years ago, it was reported that Bungie, the makers of games like Myth and Halo, are working on a brand new project simply referred to as 'Destiny'. In November last year, several captivating art images from the game have surfaced. More concept art showed up (including the impressive-looking image above), so have a looksy if you wish...
Siliconera has the word that the secretive project from Square Enix (evidently there were some rumors about that) is called Star Galaxy. The game is being described as a MMO space simulation that will allow up to 2,000 players to fight it out, where players also get a chance to become commanders in chief, as they manage resources, infrastructure and power sources...
Good morning, my fine people. Today I feel the need to further explain AT's latest voting poll. While I really have nothing against MMORPGs, many of you know that I do, in fact, favor single-player RPGs over the MMOG experience. The news about The Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG from Bethesda and ZeniMax kind of gave me the incentive to put up the poll...
ActionTrip had the chance to stop by the development studio ArenaNet in Seattle, to spend some time playing the upcoming PC title Guild Wars 2. Here's a snip from our hands-on preview of the highly anticipated MMORPG: Let's get this out of the way right at the start...
Rumors, rumors, rumors! We love rumors! While we can't confirm any details on Snooki's pregnancy (Vader looks around nervously and changes the topic whenever we bring the subject up) here is one rumor we hope is true. Tom's Hardware has a story that Bethesda and ZeniMax Online Studios will officially announce Elder Scrolls Online in May...
File this under "I sure as hell hope this not what things are coming to." While there has been precious little information about Blizzard's next MMOG codenamed Titan, their web site has posted the job description for a Franchise Development Manager...
After years and years of having an ever-growing subscriber base, Blizzard's worldwide online phenomenon World of Warcraft is starting to lose players. Reportedly, the game's third expansion, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm could not uphold the community's interest for long...
Hasbro announced a deal with Jagex Limited to co-develop a new online game based on the Transformers franchise (oh great!). Here's the word: Under the agreement, the two companies are slated to launch the TRANSFORMERS online game in 2012 in North America, Latin America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia...
During a panel session at the Game Developers Conference 2011 Bungie lead network engineer David Aldridge officially confirmed that the well-known developer is indeed working on a "massively multiplayer action game," which coincides with all those rumors (yep, everyone's been whispering about this for quite a while actually)...
Early this month we reported that Blizzard's hugely anticipated hack'n'slash Diablo III has a good chance to arrive some time in Q4 2011 - that's according to a leaked product slate from Blizzard. Mind you, the same leaked product slate pointed towards a mysterious project referred to as "Titan...
SEE Virtual Worlds announced a free-to-play 'massively multiplayer online virtual world' based on the work and songs of pop star Michael Jackson, currently scheduled for release for the PC next year. According to the press release, Planet Michael is going to offer "fans...
Hm, looks like we missed this one during the weekend. Sony Online Entertainment has confirmed that the next EverQuest game is in development. Since they have no official title, they're currently referring to the project as 'EverQuest Next' - and, yes, it's a classic MMOG, just in case you were wondering...

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