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Sorry guys I was totally captivated by the music from the yesterday's ACU trailer. Managed to dig up the name of the tune and the composer behind the track. The tune was created by German composer Nils Frahm. Here's a recording of his live performance in London (if you're interested)...
Dubstep is something I've despized ever since it reared it's ugly snout out of the bowels of modern-day electronic music. However, I must admit that there are some decent examples of how it should be used. It usually goes well if mixed with other genres...
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How about a little music to start ya'll off on this fine Monday?
There are various reasons why I don't watch VH1, MTV and other music-oriented channels. One of the main reasons, of course, is that these channels show stuff I'd never listen to. Beyond all the reality shows and a buttload of mainstream, commercial ass-gravy that's constantly shown...
Who's your favorite villain? We continue in the spirit of the music thread and the movie discussion. Once again, you name three and only three. Also, speaking as a heterosexual, here are my favorite villains: The Joker (Ledger's Joker, naturally) Loki (both in the Thor comics and in the movies The Avengers and Thor) Jim Moriarty in the new Sherlock Holmes TV show (UK version, of course) That's it for me.
Okay, here's a quick question and you can give me three answers only. Three of your favorite bands (or musicians) ever. That's it. You only get three answers. For me, all things considered: Beastie Boys Noel Gallagher John Coltrane (normally...
The Halo 4 sound team has just received the help of record producer, musician, songwriter and composer, Neil Davidge. Check out the Behind the Scenes Halo 4 video, showing us how the Halo 4 soundtrack is progressing. So, for the first time in the franchise's history, the soundtrack won't be handled by Martin O'Donnell and martin Michael Salvatori. VIDEO: halo4david_reveal.flv
Finally managed to get back to second part of AT's Hottest Video Game Soundtracks. Gonna take me just one more day to compile all the necessary info and media. Hope you'll enjoy it when it goes up. Oh and make sure you check out the first part of the feature if you've missed it (be sure you give it a peek, because there's some pretty awesome stuff in there)...
The only thing that helps me concentrate these days is classical music. As ever I'm partial to Eric Satie, Mozart, Beethoven and Jeremy Soule (I'm sure you know who's the odd one out there). Nothing can stimulate the mind quite so effectively as classical music...
It's great to see how video game music has evolved over the years. There were some truly amazing soundtracks in the past and quite a lot of them still resonate throughout the gaming community to this very day. We have done our best to cover as many platforms as possible, therefore we hope at least some of you will be able to relate to the music included here. Check out AT's Hottest Video Game Soundtracks Ever (Part 1).
Well, it took me longer than I anticipated, but I'm finally done with our new feature, which I'm sure most of you will enjoy. It started off as a basic idea for an article that covers the history of video game music, but later it evolved into this...
Another developer diary for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has arrived, this time explaining the efforts that went into creating the music and sound effects in the forthcoming action RPG, featuring Grant Kirkhope - Audio Director at Big Huge Games: VIDEO: RECKNGmusicsoundtrhd.flv
Time for a little music... Umm, let's see now, Jeremy Soule? Nah, not today. Besides, I use his music when writing reviews and shit, and I have no reviews planned today. Now, what next? Ah, here we are Ian Brown, The Gravy Train, perfect. Let's get started!
Big-budget video games. We've all played them at some point. Regardless of what you like playing now, you have to admit one thing, sound effects and music are one of the most important layers of the whole experience. If the developers screw that part up, it's like they've crapped all over the entire project...
Some of the most memorable soundtracks in the history of gaming - I'm referring to the music from the Halo trilogy. I keep listening to some of the tracks while I work, but it's been a while since I heard this one. Oh and this has absolutely nothing to do with any kind of Halo or Master Chief fetish. It's merely appreciating good music.

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