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Had a bit of a gaming nostalgia moment a few days ago, and it made me realize just how simple things were. The old Need for Speed: Most Wanted (still regarded by many as the best in the series), really defined just what an arcade racer should be all about - plain fun...
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Possibly still one of the greatest soundtracks for a racing game (or ineed any game) aside from Wipeout. Need for Speed: Most Wanted represents a gold era of arcade racers and a time when EA knew what the hell they were doing with their own franchise (unlike now): From a time when you played a Need for Speed game whether you're into racers or not. 
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Typically when one hears about EA's plans for DLC with one of their franchises, eyes roll to the back of the head and palms meet faces. However, EA is reporting that the DLC they're planning for Need for Speed will be free. "We're going to give you everything for free," creative director Craig Sullivan told Vice...
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The latest trailer for EA's racer, Need for Speed, goes into detail about how players will be able to customize their rides. So, I'm sure all you racers love that bit - I know I do. Take a peek: VIDEO: 1566119.mp4 Need for Speed will be released for all major platforms on November 3, 2015.
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Developer Ghost Games has announced that the PC version of Need for Speed will be delayed to 2016. The console versions will still release on November 5, 2015. They really have a good reason, and it's one PC owners should appreciate. Simply put, they want to make sure that they can unlock the game's frame rate and improve the visuals for a true, enhanced PC version...
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The latest trailer for EA's racer, Need for Speed, introduces player to five ways to play, which include Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw. By escalating in each category, you'll earn respect from others and eventually become a bad-ass driver. Check it out: VIDEO: 1558071.mp4 Need for Speed is scheduled to hit stores on November 3, 2015 for Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox One.
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Well, as you are probably aware of by now, EA is preparing a brand new Need for Speed reboot (yep, it's certainly not the first reboot and it I'm betting my blonde beard it's not going to be the last). The release date for the game was leaked yesterday, so if the report is true you'll see the game in early November 2015...
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Last week, we've reported that a reboot for EA's racer franchise, Need for Speed, is on the way. It was noted that the game will be developed for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms, and was described as having "deep customization; authentic urban car culture; nocturnal open world; and an immersive narrative...
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A bit was teased this week about a new Need for Speed game, and EA has confirmed that it is happening as a full reboot simply called Need for Speed. In this reboot, EA said that they will focus on what they consider to be the key elements to the franchise: deep customization; authentic urban car culture; nocturnal open world; and an immersive narrative...
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E3 is just a month away, but EA is going to announce things before the show. Might as well do it before they leak, right?  EA has teased on their Need for Speed Facebook page that they will reveal more on a new NFS on May 21, 2015, most likely as a trailer...
I've been meaning to ask: "When is EA gonna sink low again?" Oh they are giving away free products, which is nice. But you have to join Origin. Oh well... Anyway, it turns out it's time to call them on their massive bullshit again...
EA handed off the Need for Speed franchise to Ghost Games from Criterion in 2013, and now there are reports that Ghost Games has been hit with a round of layoffs. A source has provided Polygon with the following statement: Electronic Arts earlier this week let go of their...
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After the recent teaser for the Need for Speed moview, DreamWorks released a full-lentgh trailer for the flick based on EA's popular racer. Naturally, this one involves plenty of flashy cars, hilariously impossible stunts and the co-star of Breaking Bad, Aaron Pual at the center of it all. Check it out:
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EA sends along a brand new trailer for Criterion Games' racer NFS: Rivals, which introduces ultimate cars, speed and, well, rivalry: VIDEO: 820729.mp4 Need for Speed: Rival is set to launch on November 19 for all major platforms.
Yo, it's NFS, bitch! AT COMIC: Need to Break Bad

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