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Had a bit of a gaming nostalgia moment a few days ago, and it made me realize just how simple things were. The old Need for Speed: Most Wanted (still regarded by many as the best in the series), really defined just what an arcade racer should be all about - plain fun...
EA is preparing to release their popular racer on Wii U consoles later this year. It was announced today that Need for Speed Most Wanted will be arriving for Nintendo's new platform on March 19 in North America and March 21 in Europe. Here's a bit more info: "Utilising...
One of the most boring headlines I've ever written. Anyway, the Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) Ultimate Speed Pack brings the Pagani Zonda R, McLaren F1 LM, Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, Lamborghini Aventador J and Hennessey Venom GT Spyder to EA's latest racer. Check out the trailer below: VIDEO: 627135.mp4
Criterion Games confirms that the upcoming DLC for their racer, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, will add 5 new supercars to the current selection of vehicles. Word is that the DLC features "the Pagani Zonda R, McLaren F1LM, Lamborghini Aventador J and Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse...
Halo 4 review's going up this week, as well as the review for Need for A Speedy Cock: Most Mounted.
EA sends along the launch trailer for their new racer, Need for Speed: Most Wanted: VIDEO: 587151.mp4 The game hits all platforms in the US next Tuesday.
Until EA releases its next racer, NFS: Most Wanted, they've sent along this cool-looking live action trailer for your viewing pleasure: VIDEO: 580719.mp4
EA releases some footage from NFS: Most Wanted, showing off a segment of the game's online multiplayer mode: VIDEO: 576205.mp4
Time for some high-speed madness NFS-style. VIDEO: 570635.mp4 Yeah, this is the game that they're calling Need for Speed: Most Wanted, being completely oblivious to that other game they made several years before which is called Need for Speed: Most Wanted. So, again, just to avoid any confusion, they've named this one, Need for Speed: Most Wanted.
But not if you're in prison, I think... Anyway, here's a brand new trailer for the racer, Need for Speed: Most Wanted: VIDEO: 561811.mp4 Sure. Freedom. But the cops will be there too...
Criterion talks about the open world in Need for Speed: Most Wanted and other cool aspects of the game's single-player mode: VIDEO: 556227.mp4 The racer is heading to all key gaming platforms and will be available in stores come October 30, 2012.
Check out a bunch of cool screens from EA's upcoming racer, Need for Speed: Most Wanted (yeah, not that NFS: Most Wanted - the other NFS: Most Wanted): click to view full gallery click to view full gallery
The latest gameplay footage from EA's Need for Speed: Most Wanted shows off a few flashy cars driving really, really, fast (what did you expect?): VIDEO: 540461.mp4 Yeah, that's not the 'real' NFS: Most Wanted, but the new NFS: Most Wanted, you know, the one that's not 'Most Wanted'?).
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