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To be completely honest, I'm not even sure if this is a fair comparison, but here it is. Yeah, we all know that Nintendo has not been selling the way it used to and that the PlayStation dominates the console market. Sony's PlayStation Network sales hit 529,000m yen which means that PSN generated more revenue than the whole of Nintendo (504,000m yen)...
In today's episode of wondering what Nintendo is doing these days, Nintendo sent out a press release detailing their "earnings announcement for the full fiscal year," which ended on March 31st. In it they detailed info on the next Legend of Zelda game as well as the NX console, and it's odd for Nintendo...
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Yesterday, word came down from Japanese publication Nikkei that Nintendo would stop all Wii U manufacturing by the end of 2016. Nikkei is known as much for being accurate as it is for rumor-mongering, and word has since come out that such report did not come from Nintendo...
Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima spoke with Time magazine regarding a number of projects has in the fire, including their next-gen console, the NX. However, Kimishima dropped a few surprising statements about the NX, the most notable that the console won't replace the Wii U...
After Iwata's sudden and very sad death, many wondered if the Nintendo Direct presentations would continue in his absence. Nintendo said they would, and they are kicking off their first presentation without Iwata-san this Thursday, November 12, 2015...
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Nintendo focused hard on their 2015 releases at E3, but they kept a tight lip on any release dates or time frame. Today they sent out a massive lineup list to show that hey, they do have plenty releasing this year so don't forget them! Starting in September...
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Nintendo has reported an increase in both sales and operating income for the quarter including April through June 2015. Their sales for that quarter were up by 20% over last year to $730 million. Nintendo's operating income increased to $9.2 million over $7...
Over San Diego Comic Con weekend, Nintendo sadly lost its President, Satoru Iwata on Saturday, July 11, 2015 due to a bile duct growth. Iwata had been treated for this condition once before.  Iwata became the director for Nintendo back in 2000, and thanks to the company's successes with the Wii and 3DS, he rose to president and CEO in 2013...
Decades ago, Sony and Nintendo partnered together to create the first CD-running SNES, the SNES-CD. It would run both the SNES cartridges as well as higher-end CD games, and it was indeed dubbed as the Play Station. Sony debuted the console at CES in 1991, but the relationship between the companies fell apart and the console wasn't ever seen again...
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Many Nintendo fans were less than pleased with Nintendo's E3 presentation, saying that Nintendo didn't offer much that was new or really anything that they liked. To quote Reggie Fils-Aime on the Video Game Awards back in 2013, it's never enough...
An aspiring developer, Aaron Randall, built a fun little desktop app that will transform any part of your computer screen into a playable Super Mario Bros. level. On his website, he explains exactly how his creation works, complete with screenshots, a video showing it in action, and the full source code...
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It's not entirely news that Nintendo hired a new VP of Sales for North America. But you can't help but talk about it when the guy's last name is Bowser, the name of Mario's most notorious villain. I'm sure the humor isn't lost on Doug Bowser either...
Last week, Nintendo announced that they would bring back the Nintendo World Championships after a 25-year hiatus to E3 2015. Today they announced where the qualifying tournaments would be held. On May 30th, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., the qualifying tournaments will be held at the following Best Buy locations in the US: 1717 Harrison St...
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Nintendo once again will not host a traditional press conference, but they will stream another Nintendo Direct presentation as expected. What makes it interesting is that the presentation is the same time as Square Enix's press conference, June 16 at 9 a...
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It's becoming less and less likely that Nintendo will have a traditional press conference at E3 2015, as Satoru Iwata announced that they will not show or discuss their next console, the NX, until 2016. "We do not plan on talking specifics about the NX until 2016," he said (translated via Kotaku)...

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