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Nintendo has delayed The Legend of Zelda for the Wii U out of 2015, but they still have a few first party games coming out this year. During their Nintendo Direct presentation yesterday afternoon, they announced an official release date for Splatoon, their shooter MOBA, on May 29, 2015...
Nintendo has scheduled a Direct presentation this week, on April 1st, no less. While I doubt Japan is fully aware of the implications of April Fool's Day in the west, it's hard to not wonder if this is a big joke on many levels. From the press release, all they have said is that it will provide "updates about upcoming Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games...
Nintendo sent out a cryptic email this evening with a the subject listed as "An Update on The Legend of Zelda Wii U" and within were links to a video of game producer Eiji Aonuma and tweet from Nintendo of America's twitter account. The tweet simply explained that Nintendo has decided to not show the game at E3 2015...
Nintendo announced this morning that they have partnered with DeNA, a mobile development company, "to develop and operate new game apps for smart devices and build a new multi-device membership service for consumers worldwide." In other words, they're going mobile...
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Nintendo has had a bit of war going on against YouTubers and streamers for showing their content 1) without their permission and 2) making a buck off of it. To help appease the masses in the way that only Nintendo can, they have announced a Nintendo Creators program to help both Nintendo and YouTubers get a cut of the profits from YouTube ad revenue...
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Nintendo is leaving the Brazilian market all-together due to high taxes, according to UOL Jogos. The company is halting all distribution of games and consoles in Brazil and is not entertaining building a local manufacturing plant to offset the high taxes...
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Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U is a mere weeks away, so naturally that means it's time for another Nintendo Direct presentation! The press release only said it will be for "providing updates on upcoming titles for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS," so it's probably safe to assume we'll hear more on other games releasing for the prime holiday season...
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Nintendo held a special Nintendo Direct presentation for the land down under, which revealed that Australia and New Zealand will both get the New 3DS this year, on November 21st. What about the rest of the West? Well... "This will be the first launch outside of Japan...
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Dan Adelman, the lone man responsible for enticing indie developers to create for Nintendo, has left Nintendo of America after disputes about his interactions on Twitter. He told Gamasutra that NOA told him to stop using Twitter after he talked with a few Nintendo fans about region-locking...
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It's been a rough couple of years for Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's CEO and president. After the Wii U has had such a rough start (that is still rough, really) and continues to lag behind in third place in the current console generation, many were surprised that he didn't step down or wasn't politely asked to step down...
Nintendo decided to forsake an official press conference at E3 yet again, and opted for another livestreamed presentation. They had a few surprise announcements and shared a bit more info on a few games we already knew about. Below are the primary highlights and overview of the presentation...
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One of Nintendo's unannounced games may have leaked a bit early before their E3 livestream. According to the photo below from Nintendo Enthusiast, Nintendo will announce Mario Maker, a game that uses the grahpical assets from the original Super Mario Bros...
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Like last year, the Big N will not host a traditional press conference at E3. Instead, on June 10th, Nintendo will stream a Nintendo Digital Event at 9 a.m. PST. Bookmark if you plan to set your alarm for it. Later on Tuesday, Nintendo will stream their Super Smash Bros...
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A rumor floated around yesterday that Nintendo would announcing a new console at this E3, despite the fact that they aren't holding a traditional press conference. Nintendo contacted Nowgamer, the source of the rumor, and has vehemently denied it...
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In an attempt to be funny, DICE posted a few April Fool's joke tweets in regards to Nintendo's Wii U. The tweets have since been pulled due to the backlash, but here is what they originally said: Frostbite now runs on #WiiU since it is the most powerful Gen4 platform...
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