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Filed under: CRYSIS 3, CRYTEK, PATCH
Crytek has released a new patch for their FPS, Crysis 3, updating the PC and console editions of the game to version 1.3. Here are some of the fixes and improvements: PC Exclusive Option to turn off squad & clan support when balancing Anti cheat improvements Ability...
Filed under: SIMCITY, SIMCITY 2013, PATCH
This just in via EA Forums. It would appear that there's the devs of SimCity are preparing a version 2.0 patch for the city-building game, as confirmed by senior producer Kip Katsarelis. Here's the word: We've been heads down addressing the key issues we’re seeing reported from our community...
The PC version of the latest Tomb Raider game has just been updated with a brand new patch. The folks at Crystal Dynamics have made a the following changes and improvements: New fixes in 730.0: Upgraded the save slots from three to 99 Introduced “Last Campsite Save”...
Crystal Dynamics have released a patch for the PC version for their latest action adventure, Tomb Raider. Here's what the latest patch addresses: We have just made public a new version of the PC version of Tomb Raider, build 1.0.718.4. This patch will be applied by Steam automatically when you next start the game...
Gearbox Software releases yet another patch for the PC edition of their shooter Borderlands 2, offering a variety of fixes and updating the game to version 1.3.1 (the update is applied to once you restart your Steam client): Added support for text input using the gamepad for Steam's Big Picture mode...
Firaxis Games' turn-based strategy XCOM: Enemy Unknown has just got new downloadable content, entitled Second Wave, which the devs have released along with a patch that fixes a variety of issues. Word is: Damage Roulette: Weapons have a wider range of damage...
Filed under: FAR CRY 3, PATCH
Ubisoft issued another patch (version 1.04) for the PC edition of the popular shooter, Far Cry 3, which, by the way still has the lead on our Game of the Year voting poll. Here are the general changes for single-player: Fixed the accessing bug for the camera and the throwing rocks...
Once again, Treyarch brings a variety of improvements and fixes to the PC edition of their shooter, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (the update has already been issued for Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game). Here are some of the changes: Global Changes: Improved...
Filed under: FAR CRY 3, PATCH
Ubisoft recently released a patch for Far Cry 3, updating the shooter to version 1.02. Here are the changes: MULTIPLAYER PVP Fixed some issues with user created maps when more than 8 players were playing them. Improved matchmaking for both Multiplayer and Co-op modes...
There's a Thanksgiving patch available for Assassin's Creed 3, as revealed on the game's official website. The patch updates the title to version 1.01. We are committed to making sure people playing Assassin's Creed III get the best possible experience and will be delivering a patch update this week which contains over a hundred fixes and enhancements...
Treyarch sends along the word that they've update the PC and 360 additions of their shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Here are the fixes for the 360 version: Made infrastructure and performance improvements to Live Streaming. Made streaming performance improvements to video playback in CODTV...
Gearbox Software issues a huge patch for the PC version of the shooter/RPG, Borderlands 2, offering a variety of fixes and improvements to the game. The patch can be downloaded via Steam. Here are some of the fixes and changes: Fixed fast travel stations from downloadable content sometimes disappearing when loading a saved game...
Filed under: SKYRIM, PATCH
Bethesda Blog is spreading the word that a new patch if available for the RPG, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The patch updates the game to version 1.8 and is now live on Steam. Here are the notes: General memory and stability improvements Fixed rare crash when using vampiric grip Fixed issue where Arnleif and Sons Trading Company could become permanently locked Fixed issue related to duplicate NPCs Fixed rare issue where exterior door would not open properly
Based on fan feedback, 2K and Firaxis decided to offer a new patch for XCOM: Enemy Unknown for all platforms, offering several major fixes, in addition to making the easy mode, even easier. Abductor roof visibility problems resolved Interception game hang issues...
Ubisoft Montreal just launched their action adventure, Assassin's Creed 3 and, in addition to the release, they also mean to offer a huge day-one patch for the game, which evidently, fixes numerous bugs and performance issues. Bug Fix - Animus Synching tutorial...
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