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Buying a new PC was a pain in the neck. I must admit I was fucking lucky enough to get my Intel i5 CPU, 8GB Kingston RAM and sexy ASUS Gryphon z87 motherboard for an amazingly low price. Instead of paying around 700 euros, I got it for the price of 300 euros...
Filed under: PC, VADER
So, for quite some time now I've been playing XCOM 2 on my office PC, and aside from several glitches, things worked okay. Sorta. Unfortunately the early review build provided to us by 2K only works on with one IP, so last night, I actually bought the game on Steam to continue playing it at home...
Filed under: PC, PC GAMING
According to market research firm IDC, PC sales experienced a record recline in the fourth quarter of 2015. Sales dropped 10.6% compared to the same time period last year, shipping only 71.9 million units. Before this drop, the biggest quarterly comparison drop was 9...
According to a Valve engineer the suspend/resume, originally planned for Steam Machines, won't be included in the final product. The problem of reliability was mentioned: "Given the state of hardware and software support throughout the graphics stack on Linux we didn't think we could make this reliable...
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It was only about a month ago that a started to ponder a brand new PC. "Time for a sexy upgrade," says I. Then yesterday's news item happened. Man, I wasn't even aware that people are having such lousy experiences with Radeon cards. Could the situation really be that bad? I've hearing and reading a lot of shit...
Filed under: PS4, PC
Slept for only 4 hours. I've spent the entire night admiring what Sony has done with the PS4. At the simple touch of a button, I'm switching between gaming, TV, Internet and music. Didn't even look at my home PC... not once. I think I see where this is going...
Filed under: LAPTOP, PC
Gonna need to buy a new PC pretty damn soon. Bugger, laptops are expensive as hell. Nothing's changed. It's about time I bought a laptop, I'm gonna need it. I know it's not a preferable solution for gaming, but I need it nonetheless.  Also, I'm thinking of buying a Honda Civic (not the new one). Year, 2003. 
Filed under: CARS, XBOX 360, PC
My home PC decides to shut down whenever it bloody well likes. My Xbox 360 isn't working properly either. Need to look into that, so I decided to drive my broken PC and my broken Xbox 360 to the shop. I put both of my broken poor semi-functional platforms into my car...
Filed under: PC
If I married a PC, I'd love it unconditionally all the way. I'd also have tiny PCs running around the house and a day out in the country with my PC family. Little kiddie PCs would go to school happily and everything. Upgrades would be a bitch though...
Well into Prototype 2, folks, so expect our review of that pretty soon, in addition to the review of The Witcher 2 (360) and Risen 2 (PC), Botanicula and our Guild Wars 2 hands-on. In other news, I desperately need to upgrade my PC. Lives are at stake. Well, only mine, really.
Alienware reveals its small, new gaming PC, which they say is relatively cheap. It's called the the X51 and its current price in the UK is 699 (US price tag hasn't been confirmed yet). The PC is almost the same size as an Xbox 360 and is designed to work upright or laid on its side...
The decision has been made. I'm buying a new Xbox 360 Slim, no better make it a new PS3 Slim. Actually, fuck that I'm buying a new super-monster high-end PC. Nah! That's just a waste of good, hard-earned money. Screw all of that. I'm gonna buy a villa in Greece and move there forever, after which I indeed to grow olives and just say "FUCK YOU!" to the rest of the world.
Nothing. There's absolutely nothing to play. Nothing. My God, and all we have to look forward is Call of Juarez: The Cartel. Okay, it may be a good game (the last one was - though I still prefer the Western setting). Anyway, after CoJ, we must wait another bloody month for Deus Ex: Human Revolution...
I'm trying to think if controller-free environments such as the Kinect will ever become the standard. C'mon guys, I mean, at some point, Kinect -- or at least something similar to it -- is bound to become the standard, even for PCs. The mouse and keyboard are sure to be replaced sometime...
It's a positively beautiful day! The kind of day, you'd kill for. Perfect weather, not too hot, not too cold. You might say it's one of the prettiest days of the year. And I can't fucking go outside, because I've got a fucking cold it seems and so does my entire family...

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