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The Windows version of Mojang's game Cobalt has now hit Steam. The cute-looking side-scroller was developed by Oxeye Game Studio and features 6 multiplayer modes on over 80 maps, with over 37 ranged weapons, 33 melee weapons, 6 hand shields, and more...
Wiat, what? The Tom Clancy's The Division beta has occupied nearly everyone we know over the weekend and people have responded positively for the most part. Yep, everyone was playing it across PC and consoles. While we were pretty pleased after our experience with the beta on PS4, many people who were playing it on PC weren't too happy, as it turns out...
PC gamers who have purchased Assassin's Creed Syndicate should know that all the content for Ubisoft's stabbity-themed action adventure are available now via Steam. Here's what you can expect from Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Streets of London Pack: This pack contains missions...
Well, after a-not-so-glorious beginning, Metal Gear Online is now officially online for PC gamers. Here's the word from Konami: Given the right platform, the right game, any player can be shaped into an online player. The Beta has officially concluded and the game is now available for launch...
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen has finally arrived to PCs - well, precisely three days ago and, by the look of it, PC gamers are eager about Capcom's action RPG. We've played it ways back on the Xbox 360 and it was pretty good. As soon as the game hit the PC market, it already reached the top of sales on Steam...
Call yourself a hardcore PC gamer? Well, chances are you won't top this guy. "Multitasker" is his name and apparently he has the damn-nearly ludicrous (let's make it just ludicrous) ambition to complete every game released on Steam. The dude made posts on Reddit, which are referred to as "Project Finish all Steam Games...
The latest developer diary shows gameplay footage from the upcoming strategy game, Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, and how it's going to bring a lot of fresh stuff to the table, as much as it's going to cling to the spirit of the old Homeworld games. Check it out: VIDEO: 1595977.mp4 The game will be released on January 20, 2016 (yep that's next week) via Steam and is being published by Gearbox Software.
Blizzard has just released the latest update for the console and PC versions of their action RPG, Diablo III. Here's the word on what's new: "Our latest patch is crammed full of new features, items, and plenty of quality of life and balance changes...
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According to market research firm IDC, PC sales experienced a record recline in the fourth quarter of 2015. Sales dropped 10.6% compared to the same time period last year, shipping only 71.9 million units. Before this drop, the biggest quarterly comparison drop was 9...
The digital delivery service we call Steam has made many PC gamers happy (and unhappy at times), but now the company is announcing that as a result of the changes they made, the Steam Winter Sales were a success. This holiday season there were no time-limited flash or daily deals...
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Windows 10 has officially been installed on 200 million machines. Even so many months after launch, I've noticed that a lot of people are still refusing to install Windows 10 on their PCs for some reason or other. Okay, I am one such user. For me it was a case of waiting until all the software and drivers were optimized and for better performance in general...
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Okay, first of all, I've seen a lot of reviews pouring in on Metacritic for Just Cause 3. Critics have mixed feelings about it, but boy oh boy are users trashing it so far. This is strictly related to the PC version, mind you. The reason is becoming more obvious by the day, as complaints about technical issues keep raising...
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Here's a little bit of news for ya PC gamers out there. The Steam Exploration Sale is on and it lasts until December 1, 2015 and here's the word from Steam: "The Steam Exploration Sale starts now, with discounts on thousands of games and software running through Black Friday and Cyber Monday!*" Check out some deals on offer: 3D Realms Anthology - Steam Edition on Steam...
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Yesterday Steam released details on the first PC patch for Fallout 4 (the patch is out in the form of beta update v1.2.33). Check it out: New Features: Number pad keys can now be used for remapping. Remapping Activate now works on Quick Container...
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There was a study conducted in the UK recently that now has the stats to prove that PC gamers are better in bed than console gamers... Oh brother... 2,747 partners of gamers in the UK were questioned about their relationships. Oh just so we're clear...

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Tom Clancy’s The Division
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
Star Citizen
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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Mass Effect Andromeda
Quantum Break
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