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Sony is about to launch a new digital series, "PlayStation's Path to Greatness", that will follow three of the top college pro football prospects up to the draft in May. The series will air via and PlayStation's YouTube channel...
Sony said last E3 that they wanted to do more for the indie companies and their games, first with their self-publishing, and now they've introduced new tools for indie developers. Sony has partnered with GameMaker: Studio, a middleware vendor, from YoYo Games and brought MonoGame to the table, giving indie developers more tools to help bring their games to the PlayStation Network...
GDC has so far been heavy on the virtual reality news. Sony has announced that they're also stepping into the VR game for the PlayStation 4 with their own headset codenamed "Project Morpheus." "Virtual reality is the next innovation from from PlayStation that may well shape the future of games," Shuhei Yoshida said during the presentation...
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If you're an avid PlayStation Trophy hunter, you will be able to use your trophies to bid on rare PlayStation prices. Sony has been pushing their "Greatness Awaits" campaign for both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation brand in general for weeks now, and as part of it, players can participate in the Bid for Greatness portion by using their Gold Trophies as bidding currency...
During Sony's NYC PS4 press conference, Bungie was ready to divulge just a bit more info regarding their MMO shooter, Destiny. That's right, the makers of Halo (one of the most popular 360-exclusives) are now creating an online shooter set in a persistent world...
Evolution Studios, the creators of the PS3-only racer MotorStorm, has announced a new racing game -- called DriveClub -- currently in the making for the PS4. VIDEO: 671789.mp4 Hm, definitely appears to be the spiritual successor to Test Drive.
Sony has announced the first wave of games that are going to be released on their nexg-generation console, the PlayStation 4. Check it out: Deep Down - Capcom Destiny - Bungie Diablo 3 - Blizzard Entertainment DriveClub - Evolution Studios Final Fantasy - Square Enix Infamous:...
Sony has finally summed up the courage to reveal its plans for a new PlayStation console, during a press event held today in New York City. The PlayStation 4 is coming. Andrew House, president of Sony Computer Entertainment, confirmed this and introduced Mark Cerny as the lead system architect...
Yahoo News cites a source according to which Sony plans to include its 4K Blu-ray players (which they are already selling for $200) into their next-gen console, the PlayStation 4. Just to make things clear on this, the resolution was described to have approximately 4000 pixels horizontally on a display...
Sony Corporation announced today that Kazuo Hirai has been named President and Chief Executive Officer, effective April 1, 2012 (Um, is the joke on him?). Sir Howard Stringer, currently Chairman, CEO and President, "will become Chairman of the Board of Directors in June, 2012...
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As revealed last week, Kevin Butler has returned to fire up a brand new ad campaign for PlayStation 3, putting Resistance 3 in the spotlight with a stirring pre-battle speech aimed at FPS fans:
Introducing the beginning of a brand new PlayStation ad campaign, Kevin Butler returns as Sony VP (hm, did he leave at all?):
There's a report over at Engadget that has the entire Internet in an uproar. It's related to Sony's PlayStation Phone, a project the industry giant apparently has underway and according to several reliable resources the device is real. The initial report even had a round of images of the PlayStation Phone...
Known for frequently bashing video games in the past, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez goes after Sony claiming that the PlayStatinon console is "poison." Chavez commented during his weekly radio-TV show "Alo Presidente," appealing to Venezuelan manufacturers to make ...
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