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Sony has reported that they have resolved the issues surrounding firmware 4.45, which reportedly bricked a number consoles following its release earlier this week. The fixed version will release next week on Thursday, June 27th. Still no official word on what Sony will do, if anything, for the users who have a useless console, but the company did say they were investigating the matter soon after they removed the update.
Filed under: PLAYSTATION 3
Sony released PlayStation firmware update 4.45 yesterday with their store update, but it's already been taken down after numerous reports on their support thread claiming that the update bricked consoles. According to the thread, it seems that only PS3s over 500GB were affected by this severe problem...
​Did you know that Sony might be releasing the PlayStation 4 console in 2013? You didn't know that? Well, neither did we. However, WSJ seems to have got wind of it. Yes, the report points out that folks "familiar with the matter" confirmed that the next-generation console will be unveiled at the February 20 PlayStation Meeting...
Following the recently leaked specs for Microsoft's new Xbox console, it appears that a bunch of leaked documents have now unveiled the specs of Sony's new PlayStation console as well. The PS4 specs are as follows: System Memory: 8GB Video Memory: 2...
For some reason I find this to be incredibly cool, and I think people will be picking this up like crazy when it arrives (um, well, those that have PS3s anyway): VIDEO: PSallstarsbattlrfh.flv Should be fun, in that nonsensical console-coop kind of way.
Sony Corporation announced today that Kazuo Hirai has been named President and Chief Executive Officer, effective April 1, 2012 (Um, is the joke on him?). Sir Howard Stringer, currently Chairman, CEO and President, "will become Chairman of the Board of Directors in June, 2012...
To Michael!
As revealed last week, Kevin Butler has returned to fire up a brand new ad campaign for PlayStation 3, putting Resistance 3 in the spotlight with a stirring pre-battle speech aimed at FPS fans:
Introducing the beginning of a brand new PlayStation ad campaign, Kevin Butler returns as Sony VP (hm, did he leave at all?):
The industry is moving forward fast and the console war rages on, as usual. This year's E3 has brought the Nintendo Wii U into the spotlight, with promises of Nintendo grabbing hold of the hardcore gaming audience. The new console does appear to have potential and we are eager to see it in action...
I like headphones. For a hundred dollars, you can get your very own set of wireless headphones to connect to the PlayStation 3 (in September). These headphones will feature virtual 7.1 surround sound, and come with a microphone that can be stowed if need be. Once connected, sound level and battery level information will be displayed on screen. Certainly sounds nice, if only these worked with devices other than just one I've rarely wanted to wear headphones when using. Read more.
There have been unconfirmed reports of numerous users experiencing "serious issues" on Sony's PlayStation Network. Supposedly, the issues involved hackers illegally accessing users' personal information. PS3 user Dom Guerrera says the credit card information that's kept on his PSN account was charged approx...
So, Sony's guttsy move with PlayStation Move commercial was okay in my book. I still think the product looks like crap and I have the same opinion about the Wii and whatever the hell MS means to do with Project Natal. Nonetheless, I like commercials like this, better than most of the garbage dished out regularly on TV.
Sony's new commercial for PlayStation Move should give you a decent chuckle:
Sony introduces it's own version of the gaming motion controller for the PlayStation 3 console, referred to officially as "PlayStation Move." The company held a press event during the Game Developers Conference and presented a few games that utilized PlayStation Move...

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