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January 2015 will end the 14-year ban in China for PlayStation video game consoles, as the PlayStation 4 and Vita will release in China on January 11, 2015. Sony will release black and white models initially, and then they will introduce a limited edition dragon console, which I am rather jealous of...
The PlayStation 4 may be beating the Xbox One by a longshot thus far with overall sales, but it snatched the Black Friday crown this last week. According to Infoscout, the additional price cut of $50 off Microsoft's console gave it quite the edge over the PlayStation 4...
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Nothing like a patch to fix another patch or an update. Since Sony rolled out PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.00, there have been woes galore. The issues have even plagued the Evolve Big Alpha, preventing anyone from playing the alpha on the PS4, whether or not the user updated their system...
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Sony rolled out firmware update 2.0 for the PS4 yesterday, which introduces a few new features such as directly connecting with YouTube accounts, streaming with your party chat, inviting a friend to play a game with you even if they don't own the game, and the USB Music Player...
Microsoft cut the price of the Xbox One in the UK a few days ago, and now Sony has returned in kind, making the PS4 the same price as Microsoft's console.  A new PS4 bundle with FIFA 15 is now available on Amazon UK for £330, £20 less than a standalone PS4...
For the eighth month in a row since the console's release, the PlayStation 4 was #1 in hardware console sales and is still the cumulative leader for all new generation consoles, which includes the Wii U. PlayStation 4 also led August sales for games, with Madden 15 securing the #1 top spot...
When black and white just won't do, you can always head on over to Dubai to pick up a gold PlayStation 4 and/or Xbox One. They're only $13,700 each. But look how shiny they are! And yes, they are very, very real. The gold PlayStation 4 is above, and the gold Xbox One is after the break. [Source]
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Good news! A PlayStation 4 Firmware Update is today! Bad news! It's not Firmware Update 2.0, the update that will introduce direct uploads to YouTube, dashboard themes, and the new share play feature, which will allow two people over the internet to play the same game even if only one has a copy...
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The PlayStation 4 may have done better than Sony anticipated with selling over 7 million units worldwide at a record pace, but it hasn't had a similar takeoff in Japan. The PS4 actually sells less than the Wii U in weekly sales. At the Develop conference this week, president and CEO Andrew House said that the system was "doing okay" in its home country...
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Well, I suppose that this is one way to boost PlayStation 4 sales in Japan; release a Disney-themed console strictly for that country. Yes, it is a little odd that the console theme is based on Disney's latest animated musical, Frozen, instead of a game...
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At E3, Sony announced a Destiny bundle for the PlayStation 4 that would be a white version of the console. If you want a white PS4 but have no interest in Destiny (and you live in Europe), you can pick up a white PS4 later this year. "In Europe we're going to launch the bundle with Destiny on September 9th," Shuhei Yoshida told Game One...
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The PlayStation 4 came out ahead of all other consoles on the Develop 100 Tech List. Over 45 chief technology experts, indie developers, and industry experts vote on the tech for Develop's list. The PS4 was the 5th best spot, coming out ahead of the Xbox One at the 7th spot. The Steam Machines followed at 15th, 3DS 21st, Vita 24th, and the Wii U came in last amongst consoles at 32nd place. Yay, now there's more fuel for the console flame wars battle between extreme fans.
Peter Moore, COO of EA, said he expects a "great fight" between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this holiday season.  "I think it's going to be a great fight in the holiday," Moore told GamesIndustry International. "And as a third-party publisher, we sit right in the sweet spot...
According to Amazon France, a bundle of the PlayStation 4 and the Vita is up for preorder. If it is correct, it will sell for €579,99, roughly $788.73 in USD. If the pricing does stay the same across the ocean, it's not that much of a bargain as the PlayStation 4 costs $399 and the Vita is about $250 over here...
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Dualshockers has reported that Sony has recently registered a few new filings with Indonesia's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and it appears that they include revised internal hardware for the PS3 and the PS4. The original PS4 has a model number of CUH-1006A in Asia, and this filing is for model number CUH-1106A...
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