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Back in November 2015 it's been revealed that over 30 million PlayStation 4 units were sold worldwide. Today, Sony has confirmed that the company has sold 5.7 million units during this holiday season, which means that the gaming platform has “cumulatively sold through” more than 35...
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Steam, Xbox One, and emulators all let users cross-stream games between the TV and PC. The PlayStation 4 can only remote play with their handheld, the Vita, but that's about to change. Head of Sony Computer Entertainment Shuhei Yoshida tweeted that Sony is indeed working on an app that will allow players to stream PS4 games to their PCs and Macs...
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Sony gives us a pleasant surprise today. The industry giant has officially reduced the price of its PlayStation 4 console in the US. They've spread the word via a little post on PlayStation Blog: "...we’re dropping the price of the PlayStation 4 system in the U...
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Sony is rolling out a beta-tester program for future firmware updates, similar to what Microsoft has done with major Dashboard updates for the Xbox. The beta test for firmware will be for any major updates, not minor bug fixes. North America owners can sign up here, and those in Europe can sign up here. All that is needed is a PS4, an internet connection, and a master account. In case the new firmware updates completely jack with your system, you can roll back to the last version at any time.
Wow, today is all about Star Wars, imagine that. And people would normally think it's my fault. Well, it really isn't. It's just one of those things. Everyone's talking about Star Wars lately. Many of you have probably witnessed this brilliant thing yesterday, because it was all over the fucking Internet and we also mentioned it on the ActionTrip Facebook page...
Jim Ryan, the head of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, has admitted that more remastered games for the PlayStation 4 are in the works. He didn't drop any specific names at Gamescom, however. "We know that there are lots of PS4 owners that have either never played games...
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Sony has confiremd that they will be releasing a 1 TB version of the PlayStation 4 in "select Europe and PAL territories" starting on July 15, 2015. This is in addition to the slimmer model they already announced, and the 1 TB model will not be part of the slimmer package...
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Last week we learned that Sony sold over 22,3 million PlayStation 4 consoles across the globe, which is an impressive figure you must admit. Recently the industry giant also confirmed that PS4 sales have surpassed 2 million in the United Kingdom. “Reaching the milestone of...
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Since the PlayStation 4 launched in November 2013, over 22.3 million consoles have sold worldwide, which translates to roughly 44,600 PlayStation 4 units sold each day. In the first year of the PS4's life, nearly 15 million consoles were sold. Sony expects to sell another 16 million units by March 31, 2016...
Looking for a good deal on the PlayStation Network? If you use the following code, you will get 10% off of your TOTAL purchase of PS3 and/or PS4 games. There are a few caveats to this code, so pay attention. Good for PS3 and PS4 games only...
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A rather large firmware update for the PlayStation 4 will release tomorrow, March 26th, which may force many people to stop playing Bloodborne and turn their attention to Pillars of Eternity. Firmware 2.50 will contain numerous new features and feature improvements all in the name of making picking up where you left off even easier, finding friends, and sharing your PlayStation experiences...
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The PlayStation 4 and Vita will finally be available in China starting March 20th. The consoles were supposed to release on January 11th, but were postponed due to changes imposed by the Chinese government. The PS4 will sell for 2,899 yuan ($463) and the Vita for 1,299 yuan ($207)...
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As of March 1st, Sony has sold over 20.2 million PlayStation 4 units worldwide since its launch in November 2013.  "We are so grateful for the enormous support from PlayStation® fans worldwide, and we are truly humbled that gamers around the globe have continued to select PS4 as the best place to play...
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Sony is doing better than they initially thought, although with their projected loss revisions for the end of the 2015 fiscal year, they will still close out the year in the red. Back in October, Sony estimated a net loss of ¥230 billion ($1.96 million), and now they expect to have a loss of ¥170 billion ($1...
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January 2015 will end the 14-year ban in China for PlayStation video game consoles, as the PlayStation 4 and Vita will release in China on January 11, 2015. Sony will release black and white models initially, and then they will introduce a limited edition dragon console, which I am rather jealous of...

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