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As predicted and already leaked, Sony has announced that the slim version of the PlayStation Vita will leave Japan's shores for the UK. It will release on February 7th for £180. So what's the difference? It's slimmer, lighter, and cheaper to produce, and it also means that it doesn't have the OLED screen...
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Hey, folks. I'm happy to introduce the first, in what's going to be a series, of video game OST reviews. To kick things off, our editoress Keri sits down to discuss the melodies and tunes of Tearaway. Here's a snip:  The best way I can describe the unique music from Tearaway is to call it a toned down Katamari Damacy...
In addition to the announcement of Vita TV, Sony announced at their pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference that they are rolling out a new version of the Vita, the Vita 2000. This new Vita will come in a host of new colors (as that's most important), and it will have a regular LCD screen instead of the OLED display the current Vita has...
Sony announced a new device at their Tokyo Game Show press conference, PS Vita TV, which will allow users to play their Vita games on their TVs. It incorporates the DualShock 3 controller and contains slots for the Vita game cartridges and memory cards...
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As we found out yesterday, the official release date for the PlayStation 4 console is November 15, 2013, which is good news to say the least. While there's already a huge demand for the new console, gamers may be interested to know that Sony is also officially cutting down the price of its handheld console, the PlayStation Vita...
A NeoGAF user spotted a potential price drop for the PlayStation Vita in a photo uploaded to PlayStation Asai's Flickr account. The photo, as shown above, is a promo for a Vita Wi-Fi bundle with ModNation Racers and accessories for HKD $1280, which is roughly a 45% cut in price...
Sony has already dropped the price of the Vita in Japan, but there's been nada about a similar cut in the US and Europe. Considering that Sony has harped on the cross-play capabilities between the Vita and the PS4, one would think such a price drop would be imminent...
According to new reports, Sony will require all PlayStation 4 games to implement Remote Play for the Vita. The only exception to this rule are games that utilize the PS4 Eye. Shuhei Yoshida of Sony Worldwide Studios has even confirmed this from his Twitter account...
Q.U.B.E. the first-person puzzle game from Toxic Games is already available on PC and Mac platforms. We've played it back in 2011 and were very much surprised with its rather cool puzzles. Q.U.B.E. offered a variety of challenges for those who prefer to scratch their heads a wee bit more than they would with the average puzzle game...
Staring on February 28, 2013, both the Wi-Fi and 3G models of Sony's PS Vita handheld will carry the retail price of 19,980 yen ($215). The price has been lowered from 24,980 yen ($269), according to a press release sent over by Sony today. "Now one thing clear for us that in terms of profitability...
According to the latest sales predictions from Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter and analyst firm EEDAR, Xbox 360 sales are going to lead ahead of PS3 and Wii sales for the 22nd consecutive month, with prognostications indicating, once again, that Vita sales are going to be...
Contrary to the traditional news stories releated strictly to the weekly UK top-selling games, I thought it would be a good idea to include the Steam best-sellers as well. So, in the United Kingdom, the PS Vita title Uncharted: Golden Abyss has outsold every other game on the market, it seems...
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