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This just in, straight from the British Islands. Sony has confirmed that their PlayStation branch is celebrating the fact that over five million PS3 were sold in the United Kingdom. Sales of the latest model of the PS3 console increased for 138% September, after the launch of the new PS3 Super Slim...
The decision has been made. I'm buying a new Xbox 360 Slim, no better make it a new PS3 Slim. Actually, fuck that I'm buying a new super-monster high-end PC. Nah! That's just a waste of good, hard-earned money. Screw all of that. I'm gonna buy a villa in Greece and move there forever, after which I indeed to grow olives and just say "FUCK YOU!" to the rest of the world.
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Yesterday we've reported that PlayStation 3 owners worldwide were complaining about now being able to connect to the PlayStation Network. Users had problems with consoles' internal dates being reset and games crashing. Attempting to connect to the PSN just gives an "8001050F" error message...
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Numerous PlayStation 3 owners worldwide are not able to connect to the PlayStation Network as of yesterday. There are reports of the consoles' internal dates being reset and several games simply crashing. Attempting to connect to the PSN just gives an "8001050F" error message...
After reporting a series of losses, Sony announces some profit. The huge corporation underwent massive restructuring which put 16,000 people out of work. Sony reports 79.2 billion ($871.2 million) in net income from October to December 2009...
Contrary to earlier reports that PS3 sales are down in Japan, word is that the PlayStation 3 is now selling like crazy. "Sony's PS3 has recorded its biggest weekly sales total in Japan since launching in November 2006," reports EO. Famitsu publisher Enterbrain has the figures: - the PS3 sold 150,832 units during the week ended September 6 - the new PS3 Slim was largely to thank, racking up 150,252 sales. Well, things are finally starting to pick up for Sony.
Just spotted on GI that sales of the PlayStation 3 have plummeted 65% on last week in Japan just ahead of Sony's launch of the new PS3 slim, officially putting the system last on the Japanese hardware sales chart. Media Create provides the full Japanese hardware chart for the week ending August 24: 1...
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Sony was asked if the PS3 Slim is still being sold at a loss, SCE boss Kazuo Hirai replied: "If you're just talking about the hardware alone, the quick answer is yes." (thanks CVG) "That makes good headlines, but I don't actually know that that's the true nature of the business that we're all in, whether it's PlayStation, Xbox or the Wii," Hirai told Times Online...
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The new PS3 model is one-third smaller and is going to carry a retail price of $299 and 299. There's an internal 120GB HDD too. They said that the new console has the same functionality as those already in stores - backwards compatibility with PS2 games goes without saying I guess...
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