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Filed under: HITMAN, PS4
The Hitman franchise has come a long way and it underwent many changes. The latest iteration of the game brings No. 47 back into play on March 11, 2016 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Don't forget that the game is going be episodic, and that a retail version with all the episodes in one package will go on sale during the end of 2016...
Sony has kind of disappointed us once again with a pretty lousy choice for free PS4 games. The line up for January 2016 wasn't all that interesting either, so I really do hope the situation improves come March... I really do. Here's the full line up of PlayStation Plus...
Filed under: PS4, PS2, STAR WARS
Just a quick reminder for PlayStation 4 owners in Europe. You can now pick up PS2 classics -- Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter and Star Wars Racer Revenge -- via PS4 store in Europe and UK. These three Star Wars titles were only available in Europe to those...
Filed under: PLAYSTATION 4, PS4, SONY
Back in November 2015 it's been revealed that over 30 million PlayStation 4 units were sold worldwide. Today, Sony has confirmed that the company has sold 5.7 million units during this holiday season, which means that the gaming platform has “cumulatively sold through” more than 35...
Filed under: PS4, SONY
Maybe some of you remember that early this year Microsoft unlocked more CPU power on the Xbox One for developers. However, now they are met with fierce competition from none other than Sony, who have reportedly done the same thing. Yep, Sony silently rolled out a new SDK for developers, effectively unlocking the 7th processor core...
Filed under: BLACK FRIDAY, PSN, PS4
PlayStation Network is working like shite at the moment, which is most likely the result of huge traffic caused by the Black Friday shopping craze. From what we could gather the service is often unavailable, whether you're on your PS4 or on a browser via PC or Mac...
Filed under: PS4
PS4/PS Vita owners have more free games on the way, according to Sony. Here are the upcoming free titles for the month of December on PlayStation Plus: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (PS3) - PS3 only? DAMN! Freedom Wars (PS Vita) Gauntlet: Slayer Edition (PS4) King's Quest — Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember (PS4) Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken (PS Vita) SSX (PS3)
Well now, this is isn't much of a shocker. During September this year, Sony announced that their console, the PlayStation 4, has sold 29,3 million units since it launched in November 2013. Today, it was confirmed that 30.2 million units were as of November 22, 2015, making the PS4 is the fastest-selling PlayStation console ever - well, that's according to Sony anyway...
Filed under: SONY, PS4
September sales data has shown that the PS4 was the best-selling console across the US. Sony also officially dropped the price of their console in early October. Today, the company confirmed that the PlayStation 4 console has sold a staggering 29.3 million units since it launched back in November 2013...
The month of September marks our first step into the busy Fall gaming season, and this year Sony's PlayStation 4 comes out on top as the best selling current-gen gaming system. So, essentially, the PS4 did outsell Microsoft's Xbox One console, albeit both the hardware and software sales for Sony's system are both down when compared to the same period in 2014...
Filed under: PLAYSTATION 4, SONY, PS4
Sony gives us a pleasant surprise today. The industry giant has officially reduced the price of its PlayStation 4 console in the US. They've spread the word via a little post on PlayStation Blog: "...we’re dropping the price of the PlayStation 4 system in the U...
Filed under: PSN, PS4
Well, the initial rumors were partially right. Sony just revealed which games are going to be available for free download. Hm, well, to all PSN Plus subscribers, of course: Broken Age (PS4, PS Vita) - Double-Fine's popular adventure game, which Keri described as "a wonderful story that will kick you in the gut when you least expect it...
Filed under: PS4
Okay, the ongoing Tokyo Game Show brings more cool news. During their press conference at the show, Sony said they are going to reduce the price of the PlayStation 4 in Japan. So, gamers and gameresses can now grab the console in Japan for ¥34,980 ($290 / £190 approx...
I seemed to have missed this one the other day, so now's my chance to make amends. If there's one thing that interests you guys more than Destiny servers being down, it would have to be the news that Phantasy Star Online 2 is on its way to PS4...
Filed under: JOURNEY, PS4, REVIEWS
This review is about me enjoying something without guns, blood or XP points. For once, here's an experience that doesn't have me hunting dragons, killing terrorists, fighting aliens or slaying swamp monsters. What the developers had in mind was to make you feel, rather than make you over-think things; hence the story without much info or dialogue...

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