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Hey who's that little guy running and jumping about all over the place? Look at him, he's so fucking cute. Unravel is a platformer from Coldwood Interactive. The folks at EA were kind enough to send us an early review copy. We have grown to like little Yarny and we did our best to help him on his journey...
Never thought I'd be so swept away by an old friend. Well, in this case, 'an old friend' is a classic RTS and not a real person, as you might think. Blizzard weaves its magic web around my mind and lures me with their wonderful cinematics and beautiful art direction...
Took me a while, but I'm finally ready to share my thoughts on DICE's little Star Wars game. Here's a snip: Now, the diametrically opposite stance would be the old: “fuck you, this is Star Wars, and I want a heck of a lot more than that...
I gave Vince the opportunity to play Fallout 4 and we kinda switched roles this year and said I was going to play Call of Duty. Having played Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, I did not regret that decision one bit, because as much as CoD can be overwhelming with its colorful gore, it can also be hugely fun...
I love going to the Borderlands universe. Each time I return with a smile. One of the coolest moments in the game is being able to use Rhys’ cyber-eye to locate important objects, leading to some amusing descriptions of whatever it is you decided to scan in the nearby area...
Thanks to Crystal Dynamics we get to go on yet another exciting adventure with one of the world's toughest explorers. Unlike last time though, Lara is a lot more experienced and that feels great, according to Keri. Let's find out a bit more shall we: Rest assured, the game isn’t all about killing Trinity compadres...
Finally, a PC review after such a long time. I feel like a man again.  Yes, Bedlam has too many challenges and little that gives players a sense of achievement. Also, your units will drop like flies, even the ones you were lucky enough to upgrade and that leads to serious frustration and doesn’t give you much opportunity to get better at the game...
Finally, after all the trailers and hype let's see if Microsoft's flagship Xbox franchise stays true to its former glory and if the game has what it takes to compete against today's massive library of shooters like Destiny, Far Cry, CoD etc...
Keri transforms and rolls out her take on the latest action game from Platinum Games - the makers of Vanquish and Bayonetta. Man, just looking at those robots in that cartoonish, nostalgic form, makes me want to buy every one of them. Here's a snip: Story-wise...
Glorious Mondays. We have another review for you today, folks. However, this is kind of a sad thing for me. I was really a fan of both Trine 1 and Trine 2, and let's just say that this third installment didn't come close to what the developers have accomplished before...
Good humor is important, especially in video games. Does this game have what it takes to make you laugh? Probably. But any game needs just a wee bit more than that, right? Right. Here's a snip: I complained to a friend that I could not understand why I hated the puzzles throughout most of the game when I typically like the puzzles found in point-and-click adventures...
What a glorious year it has been. I've quit playing Destiny and then Bungie pulls me back in with yet another expansion pack, this time though, it appears they've been doing their job. Unlike my initial experience, The Taken King feels richer, more rewarding and an overall improvement to the game...
Keri digs up yet another reason to shell out more freakin cash on PSN. Thanks a lot for that, Keri: I don’t have a good excuse for putting off The Vanishing of Ethan Carter until now (Too busy admiring Cullen’s wardrobe? – Ed. Vader)...
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The indie scene has never been so rich and without further ado, we give you this cool, little 2D platformer from developer Bits & Beasts. Here's a snippet: Feist is unavoidably compared to PlayDead’s Limbo because of the similar art style...
Stop the presses, Vince Massa has reviewed a Disney Infinity 3.0 and boy I have thanked him many times for this. I know it saved me a lot of money. Anyway, best of all, he did not rate it with an 8.0. Here's a snip: On the surface, the biggest drawback is, of course, the cost of the figurines (Yep, that’s Disney for ya...

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