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SEGA revealed its annual financial results and according to the publisher, they have 2.1 million copies of their survival-horror shooter Alien: Isolation, while 810,000 of copies of Football Manger 2015 were shifted. Here's how Sega did with some of its other franchises for...
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Steam has teamed up with Sega for a 5-day sale (yet they're calling it a Weekend Sale) that will run today through Monday for Sega's library within Steam. This includes all of their sports games, Valkyria Chronicles, Alien: Isolation, that other Aliens game we don't like to talk about...
This scoop is a bit old, but still worth a mention. According to a recent report, Creative Assembly, the dudes best known for the strategy series Total War, are working on a mysterious triple-A title. The news surfaced when a job listing for a programmer was spotted, looking for someone to help with a PC and PS4 game...
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As the fiscal year for 2015 winds to a close, Sega now projects that they will end the year with net losses. During a financial call, Sega said that their net sales for Q3 2015 were $945.78 million, which was down from $1.18 billion the same quarter last fiscal year...
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Sega recently acquired Index Corporation, the parent company for the Atlus studio, which has made many wonder what Sega will do next with Atlus. Sega wants to alleviate any fears Atlus fans have about what they may do with or to Atlus. In an interview with Famitsu, Sega Sammy COO Naoya Tsurumi said that Sega has "no plans to undertake any of their [Atlus] work...
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According to Bloomberg, Sega Sammy Holdings, Inc., the parent company for Sega, has won an auction to buy Index Corp., the parent company of Atlus. A source close to the situation told Bloomberg that the acquisition is valued at ¥14 billion (around $141 million). The source also said that Index's bankruptcy advisers plan to complete their deal with Sega Corp. by early November. They expect Sega and Index to make an official announcement later today.
After receiving an email from a reader asking what in the world is going on with the West release of Phantasy Star Online 2, Kotaku took the question directly to Sega itself. The game has already released in Japan, and Sega did originally say they would release it in the US in early 2013...
As more financial reports at the year's close pours in, we learn that Aliens: Colonial Marines, the biggest PR disaster this year, sold 1.3 million copies. The shooter was Sega's second best-selling title, coming behind Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed by just 50,000 units...
Aliens: Colonial Marines was one of those rare games where the demo and the press previews represented virtually nothing of what the game was actually like. The critical and consumer fallout from the game's release was massive, and one gamer has decided to sue Sega and Gearbox over the discrepancy...
If you're dying to play the latest Company of Heroes, you now have a better option than scouring the internet for giveaways. Sega is handing out Company of Heroes 2 beta keys to anyone who 'Likes' the game's Facebook page. Sure, it's probably weird to say you like a game before it's even out, but clicking a single button isn't much to ask for...
Hm, just found this press release in my Inbox, along with a trailer for Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, which was described as a "complete re-imagining" of the old Sega Genesis platformer. The game is on its way to Windows PC, XBLA and PSN this summer...
SEGA announces that gamers who pre-order their RTS, Company of Heroes 2, will get post-launch access to a 'Theatre of War' mini-campaign, which apparently offers a new single-player WW2 story. “We are pleased to be able to reward our most loyal fans for pre-ordering the game with this pack...
Sega has a surprise for PlayStation fans. According to a teaser on Sega Japan's site, a Sony exclusive title will be announced on March 28th. The date falls on next Thursday which happens to be the third day of Game Developers Conference 2013, so a debut there is likely...
The Cave, Double Fine's platform-oriented adventure, has been released digitally, publisher Sega just announced. The game can be grabbed via the PlayStation Network, Nintendo eShop on Wii U, Xbox LIVE Arcade and Steam (PC, Mac, Linux). “The Cave invites gamers on an underground adventure...
Sega and the makers of the Total War strategy series, Creative Assembly, have announced a multi-title licensing agreement deal with Games Workshop to produce games set in the fantasy-themed Warhammer universe. "With this year being our 25th anniversary...
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