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SimCity is quickly turning into The Sims with endless DLC to keep your bank account as empty as possible. The Airship Set is now available for purchase on Origin for $8.99. Included are a variety of buildings related to airship travel. You can use the once prolific technology as a resource for commuters or as a way for citizens to experience their fear of heights...
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This just in via EA Forums. It would appear that there's the devs of SimCity are preparing a version 2.0 patch for the city-building game, as confirmed by senior producer Kip Katsarelis. Here's the word: We've been heads down addressing the key issues we’re seeing reported from our community...
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For those of you who have jumped into the agonizing DRM-infested city-builder that is SimCity, here's the latest update from Maxis Live Operations Producer (thanks Blue), as the devs try to patch things up in what seems like one of the worst launches since Diablo 3's infamous Error 37 disaster:| Hello again...
Yeah, I was going to make a comic about the whole SimCity launch disaster, but now it seems almost impossible to top this. Or indeed this. Or this.
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So, anybody dared to plunge into the hideous agony that is SimCity? Oh and here's a certain fact that's quite interesting.
According to an update posted on EA Forums, the server capacity for the recently released city-building PC game, SimCity, will be increased. Here's the word: This has been an exciting and challenging week for the team here at Maxis, the culmination years of planning and development...
SimCity has just been released on PCs and the very first wave of reviews is already in. Apparently, critics are praising the resurrected city-building franchise, expressing that the game is definitely a step up since the last outing - SimCity Societies...
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Maxis issues a new round of screenshots from their city-building game, SimCity: click to view full gallery click to view full gallery
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During March 2013, players will be able to construct and maintain their own urban districts in SimCity, the city-building title from EA and Maxis. We've just received new screenshots from the game: click to view full gallery click to view full gallery
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This nice little introduction trailer gives you a glimpse into the new, refurbished world of SimCity: VIDEO: 639537.mp4 Hm, seems fairly promising, one would say. If this game has a grain of what old SimCity games had in their time, I'm sold. C'mon Maxis, please don't disappoint us on this one.
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The latest screens, sent along by EA and Maxis, show a lot of cataclysmic events taking place in diverse cities. Check it out: click to view full gallery click to view full gallery Damn, I miss SimCity 4. And these screenshots are not helping.
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