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As of March 1st, Sony has sold over 20.2 million PlayStation 4 units worldwide since its launch in November 2013.  "We are so grateful for the enormous support from PlayStation® fans worldwide, and we are truly humbled that gamers around the globe have continued to select PS4 as the best place to play...
Sony has released a new three-year plan that establishes the company's strengths, the challenges they must overcome, and which divisions are crucial to climb out of their financial slump. Their plan heavily relies upon the success and continued success of the PlayStation 4...
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Sony is doing better than they initially thought, although with their projected loss revisions for the end of the 2015 fiscal year, they will still close out the year in the red. Back in October, Sony estimated a net loss of ¥230 billion ($1.96 million), and now they expect to have a loss of ¥170 billion ($1...
On January 6 this year, Sony has released sales numbers, showing that they have shifted 18.5 million PlayStation 4 consoles around the globe. It has now also been confiremd by NPD that the PS4 is indeed the fastest-selling console in PlayStation's history...
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So, in recent news, we've learned that Sony has sold more than 18.5 million PlayStation 4 units across the globe. Today, it was revealed that they have pushed back the launch of their new console in China. The company explains that the delay occurred due to "various factors" and they still haven't given an official launch day for that particular region...
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Sony confirms that they have sold 18.5 million units worldwide, which also includes 4.1 million units that were shifted during this Holiday season - according to the industry giant that's the period between November 23, 2014 and January 4, 2015. Meanwhile, the software global sales for the platform have topped 81...
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So, Sony has this trailer out that clearly states that gamers can look forward to 15 PS4-exclusive titles in 2015. It's odd that the trailer has only 4 games that are actually exclusive to that particular platform. All the rest are or will become available for PC as well. Just sayin' Sony, ya know: There still promising games though. We are seriously looking forward to 2015 as a gaming year.
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In June it was confirmed that the PlayStation 4 was the top-selling gaming system in the United States. In addition, Sony revealed that the company's financial results have improved drastically thanks to the system. Today Sony UK boss Fergal Gara stated that they've sold 1 million units in the United Kingdom...
This is a very similar situation to the Aliens: Colonial Marines lawsuit. In this case, a $5 million class action lawsuit has been filed against Sony by a party that's clearly upset that the multiplayer in Killzone Shadow Fall doesn't feature native 1080p (thanks Polygon)...
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Well they would wouldn't they? Sony confirmed that their game division has improved their financial results for the company's Q1 results, which ended on June 30. Sony's Game & Network Services had sales of 257.5 billion yen ($2.5b), which represents a 95...
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Another month goes by and Sony's PlayStation 4 remains the best-selling gaming system within the United States. Monthly hardware sales in the US indeed show us the PS4 as the top-selling console for the 5th month in a row, as reported by research data company NPD...
In June, Sony's PlayStation Plus service will turn four years old, As part of the celebration for this anniversary and for bringing the PlayStation 4 into the fold, Sony will start giving out two titles every month for all three platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita...
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Can't attend Sony's PlayStation E3 media briefing in person? No reason why you can't enjoy the same movie theatre experience as everyone else at the show! You can attend a local movie theatre and watch the press conference! The PlayStation press conference will take place on June 9th at 5:30 PST and will be hosted by Geoff Keighley...
Sony has repeatedly said that they want to support more indie developers, particularly when it comes to developing for the PS4 and Vita, but they've shown that their support goes beyond that. In order to help indie developers showcase their games at Tokyo Game Show later this year, Sony has offered to pay the booth bill for any indie studio who attends...
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Sony is having a bit of struggle as of late. To help cut down on their expected losses, several Sony executives, including CEO Kaz Hirai, have agreed to take a substantial pay cut. Some of them are agreeing to cut as much as 50%. The cuts will help recover around $10 million, but that won't help too much against their $1...

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